Business Manager

What does it mean to be a Business Manager?
At MIGSO-PCUBED, the Business Manager are entrepreneurs within the company.

They develop their own business from start to finish: from developing relationships and identifying
Project Management needs for clients, to recruiting and managing their own team,
while ensuring sales targets and profitability of their business unit.

Discover each aspect of this job and and become part of the team!

What is a Business Manager?

An entrepreneur within the company

Business Managers have a central role in MP’s organizational growth. As entrepreneurs, they participate in developing their own business and team as a whole.

They provide our clients with solutions regarding Project
Management, within a strategic and complex environment.

They bring value and take part in the solution while identifying clients needs and mobilizing our consultants’ expertise.

No two days are the same in this very unique job, and our worldwide community is always there to support them.

Business Manager

Roles & responsibilities
of a Business Manager


From Business development to recruitment & management

The Business Manager role at MP focuses on three pillars, to manage their business from start to finish with success: 

  1. Business Development: Business Managers target new opportunities strategically, identifying long-term Project Management needs within companies. They then become responsible for their clients’ portfolio.
  2. Team & Client Management: They manage their consultant teams throughout their careers with MP and build strong relationships with their clients.
  3. Recruitment: Working in collaboration with our Talent Acquisition Partners, Business Managers are responsible for recruiting their own team of consultants.

They also manage revenue growth and profitability objectives of their Business Unit, while guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Expected skills &
qualities / attitude

Organization, Versatility, and Management Skills

The Business Manager role requires passion and engagement on a daily basis.

Business Managers interact with very different people (clients, consultants, top management, etc.) sometimes in international contexts.

They meet numerous challenges but are also given many opportunities for personal and professional development.

In this fundamentally human job, here are the essential attributes and skills to perform well at MP:


Capability to inspire and lead others, charisma


Interaction & presentation skills, speech quality (impact, efficiency)

Interpersonal skills

Ability to connect & market understanding and knowledge

Listening skills

Ability to actively listen, understand, and address the client needs

Business mindset

Competitive mindset and ability to thrive in metrics driven environments


Ability to take on responsibilities & bring them to the next level, proactivity

Corporate attitude

General behaviour, ability to act according to the standards and values of MP


Ability to take initiatives, anticipate needs and complete tasks in autonomy

They speak about the role better than us

"What’s so great about who we are is that we can leverage the many other hubs and the many other global locations we have for resources and training so that we can better service our clients."
Business Manager in Houston, TX
Woman smiling

Become our next Business Manager


Why join our team?

Working at MP, it’s joining a company that will support you in your Career Development
with inhouse training and a customized onboarding plan. You’ll be able to develop your own networkwith
our worldwide BM Community, and make the most of our strong growth and the opportunities
resulting from it, by partnering with clients.

But working at MP, it’s much more than that. Because great jobs also result
from great company environments.

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