Project Management

The competitiveness of today’s market demands increased capabilities within organizations.
You need to be cheaper, better, faster, stronger. That’s why we work with you to strengthen your project management delivery, providing you with the operational efficiency and effectiveness to do more.

What We Do

Sometimes you have a clear understanding of the necessary improvement actions.  Other times, not so much. 
We are here to partner with you, utilizing a blend of assessments, process improvements and dashboards,
to help you identify ways to reduce waste and improve your delivery, cost and quality performance.

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For help in knowing where to focus.

Have a critical initiative at risk?  Our program-based assessment based on our years’ of experience, helps you to narrow down and identify which areas are in line with best practice and where critical deficiencies may lie.  As an output, you’ll receive a roadmap identifying key corrective actions phased into quick wins and long term deliverables, to get you right back on track.

To improve consistency in delivery.

Having trouble across departments or programs? Our organizational assessment is built around a proven framework for maturity enablement.  During the assessment, our consultants meet with employees at all levels of your organization to understand and map current capabilities and key challenges.  Afterwards you will receive a customized improvement plan focused on strengthening your PPM maturity so that your teams can deliver more effectively.

For help in improving confidence in delivery.

We work with clients no matter the size to develop and implement program and project management process frameworks, based on our knowledge of best-in-class processes.  So no matter whether you are just looking to enhance an existing framework with more agile ways of working, or stand up one from the ground up – we have you covered.

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To improve efficiency and reduce waste.

Need to improve your processes but don’t have the time?  When your processes are not optimized it is a hurdle just to finish your core workload, let alone start an improvement initiative.  That’s where we come in to map out your organizational processes end to end, interviewing teams, analyzing and implementing enhancements.  At the end, you have a refined process with teams coached and mentored on how to work most effectively with all that’s new.

Check out our case study

For help in knowing where your projects are at.

Need to make decisions but lack quality data? Or does it take your team several days to compile and present status, only for it to be outdated during a critical meeting?  Been there.  Our consultants work with you to understand key metrics for reporting and then build connections to data sources, scrubbing and analyzing where necessary to provide you with visibility and confidence in your status updates.

For help in building capability on your teams.

How many times have you implemented a new process or system to then realize your teams don’t know how to effectively use what’s new?  Embedded in each of our solutions is a framework for knowledge transfer.  Through a combination of group training, work instruction and one-on-one coaching and mentoring we ensure that each individual has the capability to effectively operate within the new process, framework and organizational model.  That way you see the value from your investment.

Our Approach

No matter where you are in your journey, we partner with you to create a tailored roadmap based on your exact goals.

1. Current State Assessment​
2. Future State Envisioning​
3. Gap
4. Roadmap Development​
We start by evaluating all your current capabilities.
We help you visualize and define where you want your future to be.
We interview your teams to define key gaps in achieving your vision.
We craft improvement actions with quick wins to build momentum.

By investing in project management, you increase your visibility. team satisfaction. confidence.

MIGSO-PCUBED has delivered real value to our portfolio execution. They delivered a full-service solution of processes, tools, training and expertise to increase the delivery capability of our program and project managers.
Devon Johnson
Portfolio Manager @ California State Automobile Association (CSAA)

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