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Organizations are facing unprecedented levels of change. While the need to lead effective change is growing, so too is change fatigue. We get it, change is hard. Luckily, it’s a challenge we enjoy tackling.

What We Do

We make your change programs succeed.

We focus on the people aspect of organizational change, creating the right environment to allow transformation through.
We make sure you see value from all your hard work.

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Engage leaders and define the Change Strategy and Plan.

Accelerated Change Management Start-up aligns leaders and key stakeholders around Change Management focus areas to drive effective and sustainable change.

The Change Management Strategy and Change Management Plan are two deliverables that uniquely build upon organizational context, strategy, strengths, and opportunities.

Ensure effective delivery and coordination of Change activities.

Change Management Delivery ensures Change Management activities are successfully prepared for, delivered, and evaluated to enhance user adoption, utilization and proficiency. Change Management Delivery is tightly integrated with program or project milestones and delivered through organizational stakeholders to achieve maximum benefits.

Assess the impact of change and the organization’s readiness for change.

Change Management Assessment identifies and addresses risks and resistance that might cause projects to fail, or have caused past failure.

  • Conduct a change impact assessment to identify impact and implications to stakeholders (e.g., inefficient processes, outdated policies, misaligned business objectives, etc.).
  • Conduct a change readiness assessment to understand the level of readiness, competency, and capacity of end-users to adopt change.

Take active steps to address obstacles and establish a stakeholder assurance plan to ensure stakeholders are kept engaged and informed on the progress of Change Management-related activities.

Check out our case study.

Ensure customer success in technology implementation by enabling user adoption.

Technology Adoption Success is an approach that leverages adoption and change management to maximize user adoption and proficiency of new technology or systems.

This is a tried-and-tested method of engaging users and changing the way they fundamentally think, feel,  and eventually use the new system to uncover its benefits.

We ensure our Technology Adoption Success approach is tightly integrated with the technical implementation roadmap to deliver sustainable and long-term adoption and utilization.

Change Readiness Assessments




Risk & Impact Assessments

Stakeholder Assurance Assessments

Our Approach

Our three phased Change Management Model is seamlessly integrated with our own Program Management Transformation Model.
All change activities are tailored to the organization’s specific requirements, aimed at driving adoption, enhancing delivery performance and embedding lasting change.

1. Build Change
2. Manage
the Change
3. Sustain
the Change
Engage leadership to identify and define clear case for change, exciting the wider team to build commitment and engagement around an envisioned future state.
Enable change by removing barriers and inefficient ways of working, establishing aligned structures to successfully execute change cycles, adapting as appropriate to deliver early and often wins.
Evaluate effectiveness of change tactics, making adjustments to evolve stakeholder learning to reinforce and embed desired behaviors, ensuring ongoing independent delivery.

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Best stakeholder management I have seen in a long time. Great effort towards understanding our business well.
Sven Wittchen
Head of PMO @ Icon Water

Our Change Management Courses

Our APMG accredited Change Management Foundation and Practitioner training can help your organization grow its change management capability. The courses provide an excellent grounding in the theory and application of change management concepts and include plenty of opportunities for discussion and group activities to put learning into an organizational context. 

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APMG Change Management Foundation

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APMG Change Management Practitioner

"We tailor our tools to each and every client because every single person in the organization has to feel that change is catering for them specifically."
James Lewis
James Lewis
Head of Change Management
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