Intelligent Project Prediction (IPP)

Unlock new insights and cost savings using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to accelerate your project portfolio through highly accurate predictions. We’ve developed a cutting-edge capability that harnesses the power of AI to transform the way you approach portfolio management.

Leverage your Project, Program & Portfolio data for predictive analysis

When deploying Intelligent Project Prediction (IPP), our AI algorithms analyse your existing datasets to predict project outcomes with unparalleled precision as high as 96%. By providing executives with new insights, you can enable earlier informed decision-making to drive improved portfolio performance.

We work with you to execute the right interventions

IPP doesn’t just stop at predictions. It actively identifies contributing factors, potential risks, and obstacles, allowing us to intervene proactively and steer your project portfolio towards success. Our expertise enables us to deploy the correct improvement measures to ensure maximum ROI.

Leverage AI to transform ways of working

IPP enables you to gain a holistic view of the portfolio, identify systemic issues, and anticipate likely project failures. Equipped with these AI insights, we develop transformational activities that address these issues across the portfolio. Watch as your project portfolio becomes more efficient, cost-effective, and successful.

What is Intelligent Project Prediction (IPP)

IPP uses Machine Learning and your historical project data to accurately predict project outcomes, in turn providing insights to help your organisation make informed decisions in programme execution.

We have selected as our technological partner.

Our approach

Our approach is designed to help you achieve results in minimal time.
We will work with you to deliver a 5-stage roadmap, which will transform the way you run your projects, programmes, and portfolios.

1. Envisioning

2. Data Model
& Maturity

3. AI Deployment
& Portfolio Quick Wins

4. Insights
& Interventions

5. Improve
& Transform

IPP: how does it work?

The benefits


Become aware of unknowns so you can act upon the risk factors before they impact your project portfolio.

Accelerated Timelines

With accurate prediction and proactive intervention, we streamline your project timelines, ensuring faster delivery without compromising quality.

Reduced Costs

Precision in project management means optimising resource allocation & strategies to improve cost-effectiveness and avoiding cost overruns. IPP empowers you to achieve more with less.

Improved Project Outcomes

Witness a significant improvement in project success rates as we guide you through every phase with action-oriented insights and proven delivery methodologies.


Machine Learning reveals deep patterns that are not influenced by human factors within your organisation.

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