Transforming to a Digital PMO with AI: Webinar Series Recap

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In June of 2023, MIGSO-PCUBED and Sembly AI leveraged their complementary areas of expertise and joined forces to offer a free four-part, panel-discussion webinar series entitled “Transforming to a Digital PMO with AI.”

Rich Weller, the Development, Innovation, and Performance of Services Director, and Karen Norris, a seasoned PMO consultant, represented MP on the panel as subject matter experts regarding all things PMO. Arwin Adityavarna, a Customer Experience Manager, and Alec Rogers, a Growth Manager, were panel representatives from Sembly AI to share their expertise on the Artificial Intelligence landscape.

This interactive webinar session allowed the attendees to ask their questions directly to our panelists and share their organization’s specific challenges – which our panelists used to curate the webinar’s content and provide the audience members with the most value. Watching the webinar series will help organizations with PMOs to understand the benefits of transitioning to digital operations and be equipped with the knowledge and tools to get started.  

If you missed this webinar series, you can still access the recordings to learn what it truly means to have a Digital PMO and gain insight into the mindful implementation of AI to address your specific challenges.

During week one, our panelists explored the Digital and AI evolution of PMOs. This session focused on questions such as:

  • How has the PMO landscape changed over the past 10 years?
  • What new tools should (and shouldn’t) be applied to adapt for success?
  • What is Artificial Intelligence (AI), and how does it fit into a digital PMO?

After cementing our footing in the new PMO landscape, week two dove further into the new tools that could propel your digital PMO. One such tool was the “AI team member,” or a digital assistant powered by AI. The panelists took time to explain this new concept and highlight the ways in which it can enhance a PMO’s productivity.

In week three, we explored the “AI team member’s” full potential by detailing the top five use cases for the Digital PMO. These included challenges presented by the audience members and solutions directly linked to the “AI team member’s” capabilities. The panelists also used this opportunity to highlight first-hand benefits of utilizing this technology within a Digital PMO – by sharing the results of a pilot program that MP ran for a client.

Finally, in week four, the team provided a step-by-step guide to successfully integrate AI agents into your PMO through an organizational change management approach.


MIGSO-PCUBED is the world leader for Project Management and PMO consulting. With a team of specialists reaching across Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia, we have become the trusted delivery partner for the most recognizable brands around the world. Working in the fields of aeronautics, defense, automotive, transportation, financial services, energy, public sectors, and beyond, we help our clients to turn their biggest ideas into reality. We adapt our solutions to their culture as well as leverage the latest technologies and best practices to bring the greatest value.

About Sembly AI

Sembly AI is a voice and conversation analytics technology company, focused on bringing the power of natural language processing to professional meeting environments. Sembly’s products can simplify the work life of distributed teams while providing powerful analytics to help teams attend less while getting more done. Sembly AI was founded by CEO Gil Makleff and CPO Artem Koren in 2019. Gil Makleff was CEO of UMT Consulting Group which was acquired by Ernst & Young. Artem Koren was a Senior Manager at Ernst & Young and CTO at Visual Trading Systems.

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