Leveraging AI to Improve Project Meeting Efficiency

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One of the greatest transformations that Project Managers face is in technology. The key is not only to stay ahead of what’s new but also to be drivers of that change and find ways to leverage new technology to advance your processes. That’s why MIGSO-PCUBED has partnered with Sembly AI, an organization with a tool that meets this need for digital advancement.

Here we will use this partnership, between project managers and developers of an AI solution, to highlight the importance of new technology and how this can improve your project management efficiency.

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A new hands-free meeting assistant

Sembly AI’s platform is an AI team meeting assistant that combines voice and conversation analytics technology with natural language processing to improve professional meeting environments. Their products are designed to help you attend fewer meetings while achieving more.

“With Sembly AI, you can record, transcribe, and automatically generate intelligent meeting summaries that can be shared seamlessly with your team. We integrate with popular meeting platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, so you can say goodbye to the hassle of manual meeting summaries.”

How does it work?

Imagine having a personal assistant that attends your meetings to take notes for you. They could write down who said what, identify actions to take, and provide notes for reference in case you need to remember something from the meetings. Sembly AI’s platform is the digital version of this assistant.

Sembly attends meetings, provides a transcript of what was said, and takes notes that can be referenced anytime. It can identify and assign action items, create a summary of your meeting, and list who attended. It also allows you to search for anything that was recorded in a previous meeting. After the meeting is over, you can send a hyperlink for the meeting to an attendee that doesn’t have a membership to Sembly AI.

Partners for digital advancements in Project Management

As leaders in PMO and PPM solutions, MIGSO-PCUBED looks to implement and integrate the latest technology, but only that which provides value. Sembly AI is a tool that does provide value to us as project managers, so since 2021 we’ve partnered with them to understand and use their AI meeting assistant.

As partners with Sembly AI, we’ve also been able to provide feedback on how project managers use the tool and what they need from it. Sembly AI has then used our recommendations to improve the tool for people in our field.

"Anytime you have the chance to work with a tool that directly impacts people is a huge advantage. Opening your eyes to new technology, asking questions, and offering feedback and insights are huge. That's what makes this partnership so great."

Delivering Project Management Efficiency

We leverage Sembly AI’s platform as an application in our projects and PMOs, which we can then provide to our clients. For one of our clients, we implemented a Sembly AI pilot program to help their employees better utilize their time and resources. At the end of the pilot program, our team found that using Sembly AI led to: 

  • A 17% increase in meeting efficiency,
  • A 50% drop in meeting attendees without a loss of knowledge-sharing or efficiency,
  • 98% data accuracy in transcripts.

Now, only relevant attendees are required to attend because accurate transcripts and summaries are being produced through automation, and the time needed for editing and reviewing meeting minutes is dramatically reduced.

This not only shows how MP is able to cater solutions to specific client needs, but also how much the Project Management field is innovating and advancing right now.

Implementing new technology into your PM processes

Adopting new technologies can give companies a significant advantage, enabling them to automate processes, reduce operational costs, or provide personalized customer experiences for example.

“As a PMO, if you don't look to improve and look for new and better tools to help you, you'll never keep up. We've been doing this for 30 years, and we've worked with PMOs for a long time. Today, we've been implementing "Digital" PMOs that are different from the traditional PMOs that used to have a negative connotation. A Digital PMO is about looking ahead and being predictive, data-driven, and automated. It’s about leveraging technology to improve processes and decision making. That technology exists today!”

However, integrating technology into business processes can be a complex process, and companies must do so without disrupting their existing workflows. They also must ensure that the technology is scalable and can meet specific business needs.

As project managers, we can help drive this digital transformation. We support organizations to evolve with the change, which begins internally with the right mindset.

Start small and evolve

Implementing new technology can be daunting if you jump right to the finish line. We recommend taking an Agile approach, by starting small and growing with your improvements. Then, you can be sure that the tool you are using provides value while getting on your feet with something new. Consider starting with something “low code, no code”. That means implementing a technology solution that doesn’t require a technical expert to program it.

Become a “citizen developer”

Focus on your own organization or PMO and become a “citizen developer”. You can learn how to use simpler tools first and then leverage these tools to come up with better solutions. Then, once you’ve implemented this, you can improve and expand by looking toward more advanced technology.

Keep up with training

Make sure your employees are trained, up-to-date, and knowledgeable about new technology.

“At MP, we want our people to be proactive with our clients, not reactive. We are pioneers in our industry, always on top of innovation and finding new ways to make work and processes more efficient. That starts with staying up-to-date with what’s out there and understanding how to use it.”

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