Project Dashboards

Status reports are often inefficient, incomplete, and unreliable. For more than 25 years we have worked with clients to align their people, processes, tools, and now data. Join us as we enter the next era of Digital Project Management.

Transforming Data to Decisions

All your status in one place is no longer mere fantasy. Effort-intensive manual reporting can now be transformed to actionable and automated insights from any data from anywhere. Transform your lagging indicators data into meaningful insights to drive predictions of future trends and events enabling competitive advantage through data-driven decision-making.

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Digital Project Management Expertise

We partner with you to equip you with the data analytics, data science, and process automation capabilities through our robust project management expertise to design, deploy, and adopt digital dashboards that are fit for your purpose.

Get more value from your data.

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Improved Visibility

Real-time access to real-time status.

Improved Alignment

No more guessing, no more confusion.

Improved Productivity

Free up bandwith to focus on what matters.

Improved Satisfaction

Data you can trust and make decisions on.

What's a Project Dashboard anyways?

Project Dashboards are concise user interfaces that visualize data gathered from multiple sources, such as spreadsheets, web services, or databases.


A solution for every stakeholder

In transforming your data into decisions, your data needs to tell a story that you can translate into action. We specialize in arming decision-makers with a single tool to manage their area based on their specific needs – whether it be operational delivery, analytical insights, or alignment to strategic objectives.

Operational Dashboards
Analytical Dashboards
Strategic Dashboards
Project Management Dashboards,
Project Status Dashboards
Risk Management Dashboards,
Quality Management Dashboards
KPI & Forecast Dashboards,
Portfolio Health Dashboards

Start improving your team with smart decisions.

A data-driven journey

We work with you to help guide you along in your journey towards more predictive analytics – giving your teams the insights they need to transform their work.

1. Define
2. Innovate
3. Improve
4. Scale
The MIGSO-PCUBED team came in and analyzed our pain points quickly and effectively. They proposed a modern easy to use solution based on software already available in our corporate stack, a great job well done.
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