Early professionals:
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A step-by-step onboarding process for successful integration

At MP, each new employee is immediately immersed in our company culture.

Our onboarding process helps our new employees gain a deeper understanding of our company, including our daily responsibilities, objectives, and challenges, allowing them to seamlessly integrate into our teams.

Our company culture and vision are shared transparently, to ensure that employee experience is as smooth and positive as possible.

A strong learning culture

Increasing your skills through training.

At MP, we believe that a strong learning culture is essential to remain a pioneer and leader.

That’s why we offer solutions for every employee to develop their skills.

Personalized development tracks to gain autonomy, communities of specialists to ask for help on topics, thousands of e-learning videos available from any device at any time; these are just some of the solutions available to develop and become a true expert.

Enhancing project skills

Working on fascinating challenges all over the world needs a bit of support.

To help our customers turn their biggest ideas into reality, we rely on specialized project expertise.

During your initial first steps on client site, you’ll embark on a journey of skills development, in collaboration with a management team in the field or in the hub.

Here is a glimpse of the diverse projects our consultants have had the opportunity to work on:

Team building activities to strengthen teams​

Team spirit, it’s something you have to work at!

When we tell you that our values and our mindset don’t stay at the office…

Our teams exemplify this spirit through activities like canyoning, where you have to trust in your teammates.

Just as we rely on each other during these adventures, our day-to-day work is characterized by collaboration, mutual support, and exceeding expectations.

Discover more team and social events on:

Various relocation opportunities

At MP, people’s journey possibilities are as unique as their aspirations!

Our business and company culture opens doors to a wide range of development opportunities. Whether you want to specialize in a field, progress through challenging projects, or take on roles in different functions, sectors, or locations, we have you covered!

Take a look at some of our stories:

A wide range of industrial sectors, different functions, many regions – find out more about Sabrina’s story.

From France to Germany, from one customer and project context to another, discover Kira-Marie’s story.

Explore all the specificities of our culture

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At MP, each new employee is immersed in the company culture from the moment they arrive.
Our onboarding process helps new joiners gain a better understanding of the contex, challenges,
and issues to be faced on a daily basis and to become a real part of our teams.

So don’t hesitate, come and join us!

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