Mondelēz's Digital Transformation Journey Unwrapped!

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MIGSO-PCUBED collaborated with Mondelēz, a world-leading snack food manufacturer, to execute Project ‘CAMDEN’ — a ground breaking end-to-end transformation program. This initiative marked a significant step forward in digitalisation, incorporating new processes by leveraging data, implementing advanced tools and technology, and reallocating resources and capabilities to foster business growth.

At the core of CAMDEN, a legacy ‘in-house’ Trade Promotion Management (TPM) application was replaced with a new cloud-based system, Salesforce TPM. This transformation empowered the UK & Ireland business to optimise account and promotional planning, execution, and evaluation. This propelled digitalisation by leveraging data, implementing cutting-edge tools and technology, and strategically reallocating resources across the business to drive growth.

Additionally, MIGSO-PCUBED collaborated on a critical aspect of the project — working with program and workstream leads to create an integrated plan to enhance monitoring and tracking against key milestones to identify bottlenecks and manage risk to the delivery plan.

Notably, Project CAMDEN represented Mondelēz’s most substantial digital transformation in the UK & Ireland  in over a decade. MIGSO-PCUBED played a pivotal role, being a key partner central to the successful delivery of the new digital enterprise.

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Sweet but complex, challenges in digital transformation

Mondelēz faced challenges delivering the project and sought expert project management experience and expertise – this ultimately drove the decision to partner with MIGSO-PCUBED. The complexities of such a large digital transformation required a robust governance framework through each phase of the project. With so many moving parts and multiple tracks working to different timelines there was a continuous need to visualise the project data, provide meaningful updates and support decision making at critical phases of the project.  

Replacing the legacy TPM ‘in-house’ application (a planning tool which had been used by the UK & Ireland business for nearly 20 years) placed significant demands on both the business and project teams to ensure the new solution was ‘fit for purpose’ and able to support the business processes from ‘Go-Live’. The aim was simple in theory, ‘minimal business disruption’, but difficult in practice as Mondelēz, embarked on an ambitious journey to dissect long standing processes, working across the organisation and in collaboration with technical teams across the globe.

The challenges encountered during this project are relatable to so many clients, across all industries, undergoing similar digital transformations. Moving a business away from long standing manual tools and adopting new processes and software is never easy. Especially when leadership need the confidence to commit to the new solution and ensure day to day business isn’t impacted. This transformation project highlights the sheer ambition and scale of the task in one of the world’s leading snacking manufactures.

Solutions for sweet success

MIGSO-PCUBED provided project management expertise to help Mondelēz identify, communicate and overcome significant challenges throughout the project. Delivery excellence was provided throughout the user acceptance testing (UAT) and hypercare phases. UAT being the phase in the software development process, where the end-users test the product to ensure it can handle real-world scenarios. Followed by hypercare, the final critical period of heightened support following the launch of go-live of the new system.

Clear lines of communication were established by designing, implementing, and scaling new operating models to effectively manage risk and drive progress. Working at all levels in the organisation, partnering with both business and integration partners MP were able to build trust and provide clarity in a highly complex working environment.

Improved efficiency was achieved through automated Power BI visuals, minimising time needed for report generation and identifying cross-dependency connections to enable early detection of risks and empower Project Managers to re-prioritise tasks and communicate downstream impacts. During testing, MP worked with business and technical stakeholders to embed an efficient defect resolution process with clearly defined exit criteria during UAT and hypercare before going live.

Implementation of the new TPM solution

Company-wide Benefits

The outcome of the engagement resulted in significant benefits for the UK & Ireland business. The implementation of the new TPM solution allowed sales planning processes to be under ‘one roof’ – Trade Terms, Promotional events and Seasonals. Fully integrated data flows from and to Salesforce TPM across the Camden landscape were enabled and externally predictable baseline volumes and uplift factors now possible.

MIGSO-PCUBED also provided project management resources to deliver an automated customer purchase agreement process for 32 retailers. This streamlined manual process enabled sales teams to enhance productivity and ensure compliance in the UK & Ireland markets. Engaging with super users from design through hypercare under the change management framework resulted in strong user acceptance after system Go-Live.

Improving our sales engagement scores by removing unnecessary admin was a key objective. MIGSO-PCUBED helped deliver our automated proposal solution so we could give more time to sales colleagues to pursue growth opportunities’’

Patrick Carey, Director, Mondelēz

Wrapping up

In conclusion, Project CAMDEN exemplifies the transformative power of collaboration between multiple stakeholder groups, working in a highly complex environment. This ground breaking project propelled Mondelēz into a new era of digitalisation and set a benchmark for delivering challenging end-to-end transformation programs. The challenges faced by Mondelēz, particularly in replacing a legacy TPM application, underscore the complexity of digital transformations in the industry — an aspect that resonates with organisations navigating similar paths.

Supporting delivery of the new strategic solution, MIGSO-PCUBED were able to manage risk and provide consistent delivery excellence and assurance. Delivery was compliant with Mondelēz own PM methodology, supported with new innovative governance models, and enhanced communication channels to collaboratively pave the way for a successful transformation.

This was Mondelēz’s biggest digital transformation in the UK & Ireland for over 10 years. MIGSO-PCUBED were a key partner and central to the delivery of our new digital enterprise.

Patrick Carey, Director, Mondelēz

This article was written by Mitchell Lawson & Niamh Glennon, Project Managers.