The role of a Business Manager 

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Agathe and Tom give us their vision of the Business Manager position. As a true entrepreneur, their missions at MIGSO-PCUBED are diverse and challenging. But they will tell you about it!

A leader, an entrepreneur inside of the company

How long have you been with MP?

Tom: I’ve been with MP for four years.

Agathe: Almost four years.


What is the Business Manager’s role in one sentence?

Tom: Focused leader, entrepreneur. Someone who really gets it and grasps it and can take action and drive it to completion.

Agathe: Business development, recruitment, and management.


What soft skills are needed for this job?

Agathe: I would say flexibility, problem solving, emotional intelligence, and listening skills.

Tom: Charisma, enthusiasm, leadership, and compassion.


What does a Business Manager do?

Agathe: I’m kind of like an entrepreneur for MP. Supporting business development, supporting recruitment, and managing my team.

Tom: We manage the business, from the beginning to the end of a project’s life cycle. We manage the business that comes with customer expectations, internal expectations. We recruit. We’re actively involved in business development, continuous upselling, and service assurance with our customers. We work very closely with delivery managers and consultants as well to make sure that their career paths are taken into consideration when it comes to delivering on a given project.

Listening skills, adaptability, and challenge

What is a good business proposal?

Tom: A winning proposal should drive action, solve a customer’s need, and be very focused and specific on what’s going to be delivered. And that’s including the cost, the time frame, as well as the scope.

Agathe: I would say listening skills. In the first meeting with a client, you have to let them talk and understand what their issues are before suggesting a solution. So, this is where listening skills are important and link back to their problem solving.


What is your typical day like?

Agathe: It is split between each pillar. Sometimes I work more in recruitment, sometimes a lot more in management, and sometimes I really focus on prospection.

Tom: There is no typical day, so the day varies. The three pillars of the role are recruitment, management and business development. I’m focused on those three things throughout my day, every day, every week, every month. And that affords me a ton of flexibility again. And the challenges that this comes with really depends on the day.


What do you like most about your job?

Agathe: The people.

Tom: I have a lot of flexibility. I’m someone who doesn’t act very well in a rigid box. I oftentimes find creative solutions, and my job affords me the chance to do that. And that comes from clients, it comes from internal teams. And then the ability to be creative, to be flexible, and have an influence over the decision at the end of the day is probably my favorite part about the job.


Thank you both for sharing your experience with us!

Agathe Hourlier

Business Unit Manager

Tom Burrell

Business Unit Manager

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