How do you become 
a Business Manager at MP?

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Mathilde & Elise tell us about their career paths, the skills required to become a Business Manager at MIGSO-PCUBED and what they like the most about this job.

Several paths are possible for a Business Manager

Could you summarize your career before joining MP?

Mathilde: I got a master’s degree in international business, which I did in apprenticeship. After that, I chose to focus on business development and sales roles for IT products, especially in France and internationally. After 3 and a half years, I switched to consulting and became a Business Manager. At first, I was in a rather generalist company and wished to specialize in project management at an international scale. Which is why I joined MP in June 2020.

Elise: I worked in Italy as the Head of Business Development for a project management consulting and training company. Then I was in charge of the delivery unit in one of the Big 4, and here I am now, at MIGSO-PCUBED!


Where do you work now?

Elise: As of right now, I’m working in Torino, in the North of Italy.

Mathilde: I support in the Toulouse region and also the Bordeaux region.


What does a Business Manager do exactly?

Mathilde: With our job, we wear 3 main hats: we manage our client portfolio, recruit our teams – always searching for new talents to reinforce the MP team, and finally we manage our collaborators.

Elise: We keep in touch with our clients, seek new contracts, handle the administrative aspect of it. We also work on a more economic side, linked to the Business Unit we are managing. And last but not least, it’s a human-centered job. We manage, recruit, and support a team.

One job, many ways to look at it

As a Business Manager, you are responsible for business development. To you, what makes a good proposal?

Mathilde: First of all to me, a good proposal is transparent, and also creative. What makes us stand out from the crowd?

Elise: Listening. That is what makes us capable of communicating our added value regarding the client’s needs. There’s another aspect that is very important and very present in our daily job, it’s reactivity.


What do you like most about your job?

Elise: The need to be dynamic and to communicate with everyone all the time: internally, externally, with clients, prospects, candidates, … The human part is what I like.

Mathilde: To me, it is all about the plurality of the tasks. As a matter of fact, we are “jack of all trades” with the 3 scopes of actions that we oversee: whether it be business, recruitment, or management. The diversity of what we can create with our teams on a daily basis is what I enjoy the most.


What are the soft skills necessary to be a Business Manager?

Mathilde: Resilience is maybe the most important skill of all. To know how to bounce back.

Elise: I think there are two: communication and the capacity to adapt quickly to any given situation.


What is your standard day like?

Mathilde: Well, it does not exist, and that’s what I really enjoy. Every day is different when you’re a Business Manager. We still work on our 3 pillars of course, through candidates’ interviews, sourcing, client meetings – whether it be prospection or tracking the evolution of a project. We also keep in touch with our collaborators through meetings.

Elise: My standard day consists of checking emails, the administrative side, to make sure we’re clear with what our priorities for the day are. Then we will interview a candidate, jump to a client meeting, and track a project’s development. And finally at the end of the day, a prospect is available, so we pitch MP. So really, it changes quickly. Of course, throughout the day, there are questions from colleagues and consultants: “What do you think about this?”, “Can I move forward?” or “Can I take a vacation?”. In a nutshell, there is no way to be bored.


Thank you both for sharing your experience with us!

Elise Del Piero

Business Manager

Mathilde Noel

Business Unit Manager

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