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MIGSO-PCUBED is the world’s leading consultancy dedicated to project, program, portfolio, and change management. We are the trusted delivery partner of the most recognizable organizations in Aeronautics, Defense, Automotive, Transport, Financial Services, Energy, and Life Sciences.

At MP, we know that Quality Management is the foundation for operational excellence and customer satisfaction. That’s why, as a part of our quality-driven approach, we’ve implemented our own Quality Management Systems, enabling us to become ISO 9001 certified. 

Applying our expertise in Project Management, we help organizations implement a structured quality management framework to reduce recall and warranty issues, minimize supply chain disruptions, and improve adaptability to a rapidly changing industry.

Our Quality Management Expertise

Automotive Quality PMO

The core of ensuring quality in manufacturing is carefully designed Quality Management Systems. Over time, additional requirements, tools, and technologies are added to the way engineers work, causing inefficiencies in daily operations. Without optimization, engineers spend their days jumping between systems and completing data entry instead of focusing on quality engineering.

Organizations need to optimize the way their engineers work to ensure the focus is on quality engineering instead of data management. Our consultants can bring a fresh perspective, help synchronize tasks, identify process bottlenecks, and drive accountability through improved quality management controls.

Employees waste up to 50% of their day managing menial data entry and management tasks.

Supply Chain Improvement

Our client, a leading supplier for tier 1 automotive and aerospace companies, was struggling to anticipate supply chain disruptions. For over a year, expedited shipment costs exceeded $3 million USD per quarter due to obstacles in their global supply base. The client requested immediate help to stabilize their supply chain, manage their supply base, and standardize their overall planning process.

The client’s supply chain operations stabilized within one year of partnering with MP. The cost associated with expedited shipping was reduced by over 50% just 6 months after project kickoff, resulting in cost savings of over 2 million USD per quarter.

Project Management Consulting Services

Helping our clients to meet deadlines mitigate risks utilize technology deliver quality optimize processes reduce costs manage complexity ...

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Our Approach

Leveraging a Project Management Office to implement a Quality Management System provides strategic oversight, ensuring that the implementation is well-aligned with organizational objectives and is executed efficiently. 

Our targeted approach utilizes current state assessments, focused workshops, and change management methodologies to quickly pinpoint problem areas and drive results. 

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