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(San Francisco, CA) – MIGSO-PCUBED is a project management company supporting the San Francisco Bay area and beyond. With more than 30 offices around the globe, we are the world’s leading consultancy dedicated to project, program, portfolio, and change management.

Our San Francisco office was founded in 2001 and grew out of the high-tech industry, and a new office in Los Angeles was recently opened in April 2022. Since MP’s national founding in 1994, we have expanded to support thousands of clients across the Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Transportation, Financial Services, Energy, and Public Sectors as they have tackled some of their most complex initiatives. 

Haven’t heard of us just yet? We are sometimes referred to as a best-kept secret in project management. However, looking at lagging overall project delivery track records, that is something we wish to change. Our goal is to help organizations successfully deliver their projects.

So, what makes us unique? To answer that, we caught up with several members of our team to discuss.

Table of Contents

Enabling Project Success with Zaida

“I am humbled and proud of our achievements as a team. I personally feel inspired by our team’s commitment to delivering excellence and high-quality services to our clients. We support global organizations in their project management challenges from project delivery to business agility under the PMaaS service model (Project Management as a Service).

Our organization not only provides the capabilities and skill sets around project, program, portfolio, and change management but also the right framework for end-to-end solutions. We manage the entire effort from recruitment to delivery, minimizing our clients’ effort to screen, onboard and manage our resources.”

Some key challenges that we help to address include:

  • helping clients to deliver project results faster
  • increasing portfolio performance
  • transforming existing PMOs
  • recovering their business intelligence

“Today our environment is more project oriented than ever. Those seeking to deliver more value must improve their ability to deliver on their projects and programs. For more than 25 years, we have worked with some of the largest organizations delivering PMO and project delivery consulting services and improving their existing Project Management Offices, to help them successfully manage their projects and programs. 

We were recently asked to help our clients with managing their portfolio performance. Portfolio performance and resource optimization have been challenging for many PMOs nowadays, especially for companies with growing trends in both size and number of projects.”


MP was engaged to support our client’s Information Management PMO in portfolio management, project compliance, and resources planning. Our team successfully enhanced the overall portfolio performance and improved the efficiencies of the resource allocation process. With a fast-growing portfolio in terms of complexity, size, and numbers, it poses new challenges to the IM PMO to effectively manage the overall performance of the portfolio.


With our PMO Operation/Project Delivery services, our team provided support in the project gating process, portfolio performance analytics, project governance, compliance auditing, resource modelling, resource scenario planning, and analytics. We periodically extracted and analyzed data from the portfolio management systems and performed advanced analytics to support “what-if” and multiple scenario planning to optimize the overall portfolio performance.


By generating a weekly portfolio performance report, conducting biweekly project readiness, auditing project compliance monthly, and providing ad hoc analysis for portfolio finance and resources requirements/performances, our team not only enabled the client to enhance their portfolio performance with over 200 projects and over 35 million budgets, but also improved their project intake process for the coming year portfolio planning.

“One of our biggest achievements was leveraging our expertise in project and schedule management consulting to build, manage, and execute the client’s Cybersecurity Transformation Program. ”

“Finally, I would note that we have recently seen a rise in the number of Agile and business transformation requested. As a Bronze-level Scaled Agile Partner, our team of SAFe Program Consultants and Release Train Engineers help clients transform their organizations to newer ways of working, driving Business Agility and customer-centricity through both training and Agile Coaching. We frequently lead training sessions to get employees certified in Scaling Agile for a client organization. Our most recent training saw over 150 employees earn their certification.”

For help in Scaled Agile Training or Agile Coaching:

We have been the trusted project management partner for the most recognizable global organizations and our model has gleaned exceptional results being of the greatest value to our clients. We asked our clients and they said:

  • “MP works with us, adding an objective layer of clarity in execution. They form strong working relationships with our teams yet maintain independence in service delivery.” – PMO Director in a Global BioTech Organization 
  • “MP works in our best interests. They invest in the latest PPM tools and techniques, leveraging best practices across industries. MP uses digital to drive centralization of data and decision insight. They enable new ways of delivering within your business from Agile to Innovation Frameworks.” – CTO of an E-Commerce Retailer
  • “MP knows how to engage with their clients as part of a managed service to maximize their value to us.” – CoE Manager of a Global Oil and Gas Retailer

Zaida Cabrera Gomez, Sr. Business Unit Manager & Hub Lead

Building Strong Partnerships with Alf

“The San Francisco Hub, part of MP US, is integral to the success of MP Consulting with a focus on ‘Delivery Excellence.’ The Bay Area is a hive of activity that boasts stability throughout the ups and downs of the US and world economies. We note that California as a state actually ranks as a world economy either in 5th or 6th place over the last two to three decades.

MP San Francisco is unique in its location in the Bay Area, with startups and innovation front and center. We are uniquely positioned to help with delivery challenges and achieve speed to market with our ‘Rapid Mobilization’ Project Management approach. With the impressive goals that our teams continue to achieve, I am confident in our consultants’ abilities to add value to any project for all types of clients across any industry.”

“We know by continuing to invest in our people, in the community, new technology, and delivering great services for our clients, that we can help ensure the success of future projects. But we also know we cannot do that alone. We rely on a wide partner network to better ensure project success.

Our longest standing partnership though has been with Microsoft. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, with in-house PPM Solutions expertise, helping to make Office 365, Teams, and Project Online implementations more successful.”

“While we utilize the Microsoft suite of tools internally at MP, we pride ourselves on being PPM tool agnostic. We know that each client organization uses different project management technology. Working with Planisware for example, we ensure that our team is certified, that our clients can make the best use of the features available, and that they can best use their data to keep projects on track.

Finally, just last month we announced our investment in and partnership with a startup meeting assistant technology company, Sembly AI. Sembly records, transcribes, and generates smart meeting summaries across platforms, offering significant benefits to project teams. It just goes to show how much the Project Management field is innovating and advancing right now, and we are excited to be a part of that.”

Alf Raju, Commercial Director

Supporting Professional Development with Elizabeth

“Located in the center of global innovation, our MP San Francisco Hub is unique in building diversity and innovation into our Hub culture, as well as bringing our clients tailored and creative solutions. 

Our comprehensive training and development system is our backbone to maintain strength in the project management consulting industry. We also believe that the success of both the client’s business and consultants’ careers are key for our Hub to achieve sustainable and healthy development.

To respond to the fast-changing environment, we apply the agile methodology to our training system. Our training program iterates quarterly to meet the emerging needs of the clients and the latest industry trends.”

“MP has set up a 1:1 mentor coaching program and has a robust system to identify and cultivate our consultants to become successful instructors and coaches. Our internal trainer programs help MP to accumulate its own industries and clients focused knowledge base, and help our consultants explore their own talents and potentials in teaching, coaching leadership, and knowledge sharing.

We also rolled out LinkedIn Learning accounts to all our employees to further diversify our training offerings. In recognition of our investment in the learning and development of our teams, MP received the “Best Culture of Learning ” designation at the LinkedIn Talent Awards.”

Elizabeth Li, Project Management Consultant & Development and Performance Lead of San Francisco Hub

Fostering Team Culture with Sirisha

“The diverse group of experience, expertise, and cultures that we have created at MP is very unique. Where many large companies are just now hiring to increase the diversity of their workforce, MP has always been an advocate of giving people of various backgrounds opportunities to perform, grow, and shine as professionals. Our company invests in its people, which makes our team of consultants independent, skilled, driven, and empathetic.

There is a culture of cross-training across the various hubs of the company that creates a pool of highly skilled, well rounded, and self-motivated groups of consultants. For instance, my team, who has been learning and gaining expertise on the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry with guidance from their SME contacts, created a curriculum on GxP validated project management. This was initiated in the San Francisco hub but was available across North America and is now available on LinkedIn Learning for all future consultants who are looking to enter the pharmaceutical industry.

I am so impressed with our team’s dedication to excellence. Whether that be our consultants in their effortless shift to a hybrid work schedule while continuing to offer excellence in service to our clients, or to our internal team for continuing to invest in our people, our practices and methodology, our technology, and our infrastructure.

It’s people like this that have helped us become a trusted partner to leading companies and it’s what keeps me excited about our future.”

Sirisha Pudipeddi, Project Management Consultant & Delivery Manager

Whether your business is looking to start new projects, recover past projects, or simply wants a dedicated partner to help achieve your goals, MIGSO-PCUBED can provide the resources, experienced team members, and unparalleled support to help you deliver organized, efficient, and successful projects. Contact us to learn more.

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