Delivering Project Management Success in New York

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New York, NY – MIGSO-PCUBED is a project management company supporting the New York metropolitan area and beyond. With more than 30 offices around the globe, we are the world’s leading consultancy dedicated to project, program, portfolio, and change management.

Our New York office, founded in 1998, grew out of the financial services industry. Since then, and with the support of MP’s global team, we have expanded to support a wide range of projects for Fortune 100 customers across  Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Transportation, Financial Services, Energy, and Public Sectors as they tackle some of the most complex initiatives.

Haven’t heard of us just yet? We are sometimes referred to as a best-kept secret in project management. However, looking at lagging overall project delivery track records, we wish to change that. Our goal is to help organizations successfully deliver their projects.

So, what makes us unique? To answer that, we met up with several team members to discuss.

Table of Contents

Enabling Project Delivery with Emilien

“New York is a globally-recognized hub of industry and innovation, and I’m very proud of MP’s presence and growth in this unique market. After growing out of the financial services sector, we have expanded our services to support emerging leaders within the transportation, pharmaceutical, and energy industries. Our growth and successes are a direct reflection of our team of expert consultants consistently delivering excellence to complex projects for our clients.

Some of the key challenges that we help to address include, of course, ensuring the timely delivery of projects; but we are also helping clients to complete large-scale transformations and improve their processes.

So often today, we see clients struggling to complete large-scale projects. The MP team is mobilized in these situations to help define, plan and deliver significant transformation programs.

In one case, the transformation program was focused on increasing the client’s production efficiency. Our client, a leader in the pharmaceutical industry, struggled to adopt Industry 4.0 technologies. Nearly 30% of the time, work was redone because of mistakes from manual, repetitive processes.

Within one month, the MIGSO-PCUBED team deployed a global transformation team to lead a full-scope Transformation PMO, including:

  • Project Delivery,
  • Portfolio Management,
  • Organizational Change Management, and
  • Business Transformation.

In less than a year from project kickoff, the program office was on track to deliver all 215 of its KPI deliverables. They were also seeing the successful adoption of their change program. Additional benefits included shifting to more agile ways of working, implementing remote workflows, and decreasing plant cycle time by more than 25%.

“The MP team is uniquely positioned to quickly deliver project success in situations like this and beyond, in part because of our large consultant base of change managers. Delivering a transformation or recovery program presents great change for an organization, and MP partners with our clients throughout the journey to build a foundation for that change, as well as manage and sustain the change. This is a key component to delivering value for many of our pharmaceutical, financial, and IT system clients.

Another key area in which we help our clients is improving their processes; in this case, we accomplished this through schedule management. Our client, a world leader in renewable energy, wanted to develop a high-capacity, state-of-the-art windmill. The goal of this project was to sustain the growth of solutions available to lower the footprint produced by traditional energy.

As a result of MP’s efforts, over 2,000 activities were summarized into 15 sections, making the schedule easier to monitor. The schedule management cycle was reduced from monthly to weekly, and 100% if the Schedule Logic was achieved. Guided by the implementations of the MP Team, the uncertainty of this project was significantly reduced and the client was able to optimize their decision-making.”

“Schedule management is a service that companies across industries can benefit from. We’ve supported transportation, software, and pharmaceutical companies alike with their schedule management to ensure project success. Regardless of industry, schedule management allows you to gather reporting data, visualize critical tasks, understand the project status, reduce cost, and increase the likelihood of achieving project objectives. 

Lastly, as of November 2022, our New York operations moved to a new office in Manhattan. Moving across the street from Grand Central Station allowed us easier access to our clients, but also made it easier to bring our teams together for team-building events. The new office has an ergonomic design, allowing for optimal team collaboration. But, in my opinion, the greatest part is that our office view feels right out of a TV series and that we’re in close proximity to the best restaurants that New York has to offer.”

Emilien Bouchez, Business Unit Manager

Supporting Professional Development with Niranjan

“From my perspective, the training and development roadmap that MP curates for all consultants is what makes our organization unique. This roadmap not only ensures that our team is equipped with the latest trends and best practices in project management but also meets consultants at their current skill level. This way, our training opportunities enable our team to be successful on any project they are supporting.  

Our consultants also have the opportunity to build a career development plan every quarter with their delivery manager to define their career path within MP based on their personal interests and goals. This includes anything from gaining experience in certain areas of expertise to becoming certified as a SAFe Scrum Master, a Project Management Professional® (PMP), or a Release Train Engineer (RTE), to name a few.

Thanks to our many different workshops and trainings, our teams are prepared to deploy the most recent techniques, tools, and best practices on any client site.

Based on my experiences and the feedback I hear from other consultants, the type of effort and planning that we invest into our people is not common in most project management organizations and is quite unique to MP. I truly believe that our training is the best in project management and that MP makes sure that you have all of the support that you need to succeed. It is these efforts that have helped us succeed and provide value to our clients, and continue to be ‘Best and Brightest‘ for more than 10 consecutive years.”

Niranjan Vaidya, Development and Performance Lead

Fostering Team Culture with Leon and Mehr

“When I think about our company culture, I think about the trust MP has in its consultants, the opportunities for professional development, and the support I receive from a global and diverse team.

One of my favorite corporate initiatives that I got to lead during my time at MP was helping to develop the ESAT, or employee satisfaction, team for our New York office. Around four years ago, this team was created to build a stronger connection between the consultants and the leadership team. The overarching goal of our hub’s ESAT team is to improve company life and culture for our employees. 

For example, to promote wellness and physical health among our employees, we implemented a “Step Challenge,” encouraging everyone to be active and log their steps on a shared app. As a team, we logged over three million steps, and we’re looking forward to making this a yearly tradition. 

The ESAT team also plans social after-work events. One of my favorite gatherings was a “Paint and Sip” event, but we also make sure to host events that give back to our community. One such event was when the team volunteered at Lenox Hill Neighborhood House alongside professional chefs to assemble and serve lunch to the non-profit’s older adult visitors.”

“In the United States, New York’s ESAT team was the first of its kind. I believe that our efforts are a great proof of concept for the US, and I think that this proves that our New York office has a fantastic team culture. We are excited to continue forming similar teams in the rest of our US hubs.”

Leon Durand, Delivery Manager

“When I first joined MP, I got involved with the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion team because my onboarding partner at the time was leading the group. I remember being so excited that there was a company-wide community that emphasized DE&I initiatives, and I saw how this initiative enriched the organization as a whole. It has always been important to me to celebrate different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences, and I knew joining this team would be a great fit. 

The DE&I team makes space within the entire organization to provide educational resources, inspire continuous personal improvement, and make each of our offices a more welcoming space for all new hires. I love that DE&I isn’t just a buzzword to us, and we are truly putting in the work that it takes to make MP a welcoming and inclusive space for everyone. 

In the past year, some of our team’s favorite events that we hosted included a Pride Month race through central park, a Hispanic Heritage Month celebration, and a Rangoli competition.”

One of my favorite things about MP is that every space encourages curiosity and continuous learning. We make an effort to infuse DE&I into the work we do, allowing us to navigate professional settings with a positive, curious, and inclusive mindset. I feel lucky to play a part in transforming ideas into concrete action with support and sponsorship with MP.

Mehr Ali, Project Management Consultant

Whether your business is looking to start new projects, recover past projects, or simply wants a dedicated partner to help achieve your goals, MIGSO-PCUBED can provide the resources, experienced team members, and unparalleled support to help you deliver organized, efficient, and successful projects. Contact us to learn more.

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