Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week 2024

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National Apprenticeship Week (NAW) this year takes place between 5 to 11 February 2024. It is an opportunity for MP to celebrate the achievements of apprentices, raise awareness of apprenticeships and shine a light on the positive impact they make. Apprenticeships provide individuals from diverse backgrounds an opportunity to gain hands-on experience whilst earning the relevant qualifications to support their learning and career development.

MIGSO-PCUBED launched the ‘MPower Programme’ in 2020, allowing individuals to undertake their university degree whilst working as Project Management Consultants across sectors and roles depending on the client. The vision of this programme is ‘To invest in the diverse talent of the next generation, challenging our business to innovate, and bringing the power of learning into MIGSO-PCUBED’.

Kickstarting Careers

To ensure our apprentices are provided with the necessary support, our programme uses blended learning allowing our apprentices from all over the UK to undertake their degree in person or remotely. Additionally, each apprentice is paired with a personal workplace coach to support their career journey. With one day per week dedicated to university, our apprentices can continuously gain and reflect on their knowledge and experience.

Since its launch, the Level 6 Project Management Degree Apprenticeship programme at MP has grown immensely over the past 3 years, recruiting cohorts of apprentices twice a year for a BSc undergraduate degree in Project Management. Of our 13 apprentices currently on-programme, 5 are due to complete their degree this year, including a Senior Consultant who enrolled onto the course as part of their continuous learning and upskilling.

Meet Amelia, who joined MIGSO-PCUBED’s apprenticeship programme in January 2022, and will be completing her apprenticeship in July 2025.

“I found out about MIGSO-PCUBED through a friend of a friend who was working at MP at the time. I was introduced to them and had a chat about the company. I was then referred and was enticed by the number of opportunities to work with a wide range of clients.

Since joining MP in January 2022 on the Project Management Degree Apprenticeship programme, I have enjoyed working with a large range of people with a vast range of experience and knowledge who I can learn from and be supported. The experience of working on several different projects in distinct sectors across industries helped to build my understanding of theories learned during formal university teaching and apply them to different scenarios in different project environments.

Within the client environment, I have worked in the Energy, Utilities, and Infrastructure sectors and am currently working within Financial Services and Tech as a Project Coordinator and have been in this role for almost a year. In addition, I have been able to undertake other training opportunities at MP and engage in internal initiatives and am supporting the Manchester Hub growth task force to help build up the Manchester Hub and expand our client base.

If you are interested in undertaking the Degree Apprenticeship, I would highly recommend reaching out to apprentices, understanding their experiences, and make connections to see if it would be a good fit for you.”

To hear more from Amelia, check out her story below!


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