Spain: +300 consultants in 10 years of unstoppable growth!

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On the 7th of May 2013, MIGSO-PCUBED landed in Spain for the first time, and 10 years later it has become one of the most recognized Project Management consultancies in the country.

For this special occasion, we talked to María Cristóbal, Business Unit Director in Madrid and Barcelona, and François Sahuquet, Business Unit Manager in Seville.

A decade of Project Management expertise in Spain

What is the story of MP in Spain and its growth in the last decade?

María Cristóbal: What began as a small team of consultants, dedicated to an important aerospace customer, has turned into a workforce of more than 300 collaborators distributed in 8 locations and across a wide variety of sectors: aerospace, finance, energy, naval, railway, automotive, and pharma. Now we count 3 business units in the country (Madrid, Seville, and Barcelona), and we have become a trusted partner for clients in project management. During these 10 years, we had the opportunity to grow and offer our services to more than 10 clients.

François Sahuquet: Each year, we have been adding new opportunities with new customers that have allowed us to reach many corners of Spain and to develop other service areas within Project Management. This growth needed a strong management structure that could support all the new projects, business lines and initiatives. Thus, we have focused on creating local figures of transversal departments, that could consolidate this development, accompany the performance, and ensure our relationship with customers.

What is the secret to success in Spain?

FS: I think the biggest achievement that we have accomplished in Spain is our team. Not a single success story in these 10 years could have been possible without the strong sense of commitment, team spirit and excellence that runs in every one of our teammates .

Over the years, we have consistently stayed true to our core values, nurturing an environment that fosters collaboration, creativity, and professional development. The company’s commitment to maintaining a supportive and inclusive workplace has been a driving force behind its continuous expansion in Spain as well as an attractive asset for potential candidates.

MC: Exactly. We apply these values in all aspects of the business and with all whom we interact, including our consultants, clients, and transversal teams. This work environment not only fosters development but has also allowed us to create new roles within different areas of the global business.

FS: We work collaboratively as a cohesive team across the country, despite being geographically dispersed across three business units and various locations like Zaragoza, Teruel, Valladolid, Vigo, and Cadiz. This exemplifies our commitment to being available and adaptable for local businesses.

We have successfully demonstrated our ability to adapt to the unique characteristics of the Spanish market. Spain presents specific nuances, and we have effectively thrived in each region by leveraging our flexibility.

What are the goals for Spain in the upcoming years?

FS: I believe the main objectives for Spain are to consolidate the organization following the substantial growth we have experienced in recent years. We aim to diversify our activities and explore opportunities within the local business landscape. To achieve this, we must enhance our management team and internal processes.

Regarding business development, we anticipate the emergence of new projects and significant investments in the southern region of Spain in the upcoming years, particularly in the energy, naval, and aerospace sectors.

MC: Additionally, we are capitalizing on our expertise in consulting and IT to strengthen our position with both current and future clients. We aim to establish ourselves as strategic partners by helping in PMO matters. Seeking synergies and promoting collaboration between business units is also a priority, with the indispensable support of all cross-functional departments.

Furthermore, we strive to continually demonstrate that choosing MIGSO-PCUBED is a commitment to a company that fosters personal growth, accountability, as well as a supportive and empathetic work environment.

Make a wish for the next 10 years in MP Spain:

FS: My primary aspiration for the coming years is to strengthen our growth in Seville and Cadiz, while simultaneously establishing new work centers in the southern region of Spain, such as Malaga or Cartagena.

Additionally, I seek to expand our client portfolio and venture into new sectors of activity, providing ongoing opportunities for our consultants. However, my ultimate desire, without a doubt, is to witness the continuous development of our team’s talent and potential. This growth will strengthen MP and empower us to tackle greater challenges ahead.

MC: For me, my greatest wish is to continue helping and making contributions that foster the growth of both Madrid and Barcelona. We aim to expand our client base, ensuring that we establish a trusted collaborative partnership as their true project management ally. We hope to venture beyond the current scope and explore areas with thriving industrial activity, such as the north of Spain or the Levante region.

All these efforts facilitate the ongoing development of our company while prioritizing the growth of our team in both professional and personal domains. We must preserve our core values and distinctive qualities, specifically our team spirit. After a decade, we aspire to have our employees continue to recognize that the greatest strength of MIGSO-PCUBED lies in its people.

Thank you, María and François!


María Cristóbal Manchado
Business Unit Director of Madrid & Barcelona


François Sahuquet
Business Unit Manager of Seville