MP Launches Innovative Relationship Management Capability

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MIGSO-PCUBED is pleased to announce the launch of a unique capability and its associated intellectual property (IP) in collaboration with Shape International Limited.

This strategic move reflects MPs commitment to enhancing its ability to help clients across various domains successfully deliver their projects by measuring and developing critical business-to-business (B2B) relationships.

Developing Successful B2B Relationships

Coined RelationSHAPE (shared perceptions of relationships) , the IP comprises of over 20 years of research and development, along with direct access to the creators themselves. RelationSHAPE equips us with a suite of tools and techniques designed to measure and develop relationships comprehensively, whether they are internal, with customers, or with key stakeholders in our customers’ supply chains. 

At the heart of MP’s operations lies the belief that strong relationships translate into high-quality project and business outcomes, adding genuine value to our customers’ delivery and value streams. What sets RelationSHAPE apart is its unique approach; unlike existing solutions such as the international standard ISO44001, which offers generic measurable controls, RelationSHAPE recognises the individuality and nuances of each relationship. 

Having this new solution reinforces MPs position as an innovative leader in project and change management and underscores its commitment to delivering exceptional value to its stakeholders.

"We are thrilled to integrate RelationSHAPE into our operations and look forward to leveraging its capabilities to foster stronger relationships across our ecosystem. This launch represents a significant milestone in our journey towards excellence in relationship management."


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