MIGSO-PCUBED signs the Armed Forces Covenant

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London, United Kingdom – To support those who have left the armed forces, who continue to serve as reservists and their families, MIGSO-PCUBED (MP) have signed the Armed Forces Covenant (AFC), certifying the company with the AFC Silver Award.

The Armed Forces Covenant “is a pledge that together we acknowledge and understand that those who serve or who have served in the armed forces, and their families, should be treated with fairness and respect in the communities, economy and society they serve with their lives”.

What does the Armed Forces Covenant provide?

Due to the culture shock between life in the military and life as a civilian, this can be a difficult transition for veterans. To support those transitioning from the world of the armed forces, the AFC aids in multiple aspects including:

  • education and family wellbeing
  • having a home
  • starting a new career
  • financial advice
  • mental health support
Armed Forces Covenant Bronze Award

What is a reservist?

Reservists are those who support the armed forces on a part-time basis and are used for support on operations and deployments. This includes:

  • training and taking part in exercises in evenings during the week and at weekends
  • reservists are obliged to attend a 2 week exercise or training event and achieve a minimum of 27 days a year in total to maintain competency in their role

MP offers extra support for reservists to facilitate and meet the needs that the armed forces require from them.

Armed Forces Covenant signing

Where does this put MIGSO-PCUBED?

As MP have signed the AFC, they have been awarded with the Employer Recognition Scheme silver award. There are multiple aspects where the company and the wider community can benefit from including:

  • assuring the armed forces and wider community that MP acknowledges the sacrifices made by each of these groups and is pleased to provide them fair and equal treatment in the civilian community
  • showing that the company is prepared and willing to help those who have served, continue to serve, or family members
  • putting the company in line with some of its clients

Not only does this recognise the hard work of those in the armed forces but it also shows support to others including retained firefighters, voluntary first aiders, and special police constables.

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