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MP Women in STEM

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Women in STEM refers to women’s representation, involvement, and achievements in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields. Despite historical barriers, women have made significant contributions throughout history, challenging norms and breaking ground in these male-dominated disciplines.

Efforts to promote gender equality in STEM have led to increased participation and recognition for women, but disparities still exist. Encouraging girls and women in STEM, providing mentorship, and fostering inclusive environments are essential for further progress. Embracing diversity in STEM enhances innovation and problem-solving, making it crucial to continue advocating for equal opportunities and recognition for women in these fields.


At MIGSO-PCUBED, the Women in STEM campaign stands as a compelling initiative, dedicated to spotlighting diverse opportunities available to women across STEM sectors.

MPs mission is to educate individuals of all genders and backgrounds about the potential of consulting as a viable option for those who may feel confined in their conventional STEM careers. Through this endeavour, MP strive to dismantle stereotypes surrounding STEM subjects, with the overarching objective of narrowing the gender gap within these fields.

MP Stories

Meet Damini, she studied Design Engineering at Aston University in the UK, and has worked within a variety of engineering sectors before joining MP.

“I joined MP in January 2022 year after spending 5 years working as an engineer within the Oil & Gas, Automotive and Rail industries. Previously, I was involved with projects that gave me opportunities to develop both my creative and technical mindset within manufacturing. When working with clients within a STEM industry, I am able to apply my technical knowledge, allowing me to understand client requirements better.

Working as a female engineer in a different country was exciting yet challenging. Whilst it presented great learning opportunities, I was the only female on the shop floor and so it became clear that the equality we lack for women in STEM isn’t just here, it’s global.

I hope to continue to inspire younger generations and inform them of how creative STEM careers can be. Creative environments require people from different backgrounds and mindsets, therefore, a lack of that diversity in the workforce reduces innovation.”

In 2023, MPs internal Women in STEM initiative has generated great interest, prompting them to create a dynamic collaboration with the MP Women’s Network. Moving forward, MP envision a more inclusive and powerful approach, as they join forces, combine voices and resources to effect positive change within the company.

MP extend an open invitation to all passionate individuals interested in joining the Women in STEM and Women’s Network. Your contributions are invaluable, from creating insightful articles, exploring innovative initiatives, and fostering the group’s growth, to providing essential support to our dedicated consultants and core team members at MP.

Whether you possess a STEM background, work in STEM fields, or simply advocate for Women in STEM, your participation is warmly welcomed and encouraged.

Together, let us shape a more diverse and equitable future at MP and beyond.


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