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Established in March 2020 , MIGSO-PCUBED Portugal has been consistently growing to become the leading PMO consultancy entirely specialised in Project & Programme Management (PPM) as well as Business Transformation.

Today we have 2 Hubs (Porto and Lisbon) and more than 260 employees across the country, demonstrating the importance and success of our work environment that allows our colleagues to go beyond their engagements and build strong interpersonal relationships. In fact, our company life is one of the main strengths of our organisation. As we say, our journey at MIGSO-PCUBED is #MoreThanJustAJob.

Besides the corporate events – such as our All Hands and Team Booster events – our interdisciplinary teams in Portugal take the initiative to promote several projects and activities throughout the year that create a positive impact, mobilizing our people and fostering a real sense of community. At MP, each one of us is always welcome to propose, to make a step forward and to lift up our #TeamSpirit.

As a fundamental pillar at MP Portugal, the Happiness Team presents a rich activities plan every year, including some recurrent events that have become best-in-class. Let’s take for instance our beloved monthly Cooking Workshop that not only enhances culinary skills but also strengthens teamwork and communication among colleagues, contributing to employee development and collaboration.

Dancing is also offered as part of the Arts & Crafts Workshops! From Salsa to Bachata, we enjoy some fun lessons and great occasions together, whether you’re a seasoned dancer or just looking to have a blast.

With our Language Exchange project, those eager to practice a new language have the opportunity to meet (online or at the office) and improve a certain language (English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Portuguese) in small informal groups.

Then, with our Book club, we embark on a literary journey expanding our reading horizons, including some collective readings.

In addition, our Cineforum, a set of cinema sessions at the office, is dedicated to the films that have left an indelible mark on our lives is part of our #MPlife.

Another example is our Solidarity Campaign that encourages employees to come together during the festive season to donate food and clothes to local organizations in need outside of the company. This initiative demonstrates our commitment to giving back to the community and supporting those less fortunate. The Solidarity Campaign directly contributes to improving our community welfare, showcasing dedication to social responsibility and ethical business practices.

On top of our recurring events, we also enjoy celebrating some special occasions. The Portuguese traditional Magusto (where chestnuts and cheer are the main ingredients) and the Halloween (the spookiest event of the year for which we have great fun decorating our Porto Hub and preparing a delicious Halloween-themed milkshake) are just two examples.

As part of our #MPlife, we also embrace global initiatives such as the Charity Races. We lace up our running shoes and prove that it is possible to run for a good cause while having fun with our colleagues.

The numerous activities that we organize demonstrate all core values (commitment, excellence, and team spirit) from our hubs across Portugal. You could say that people who are happy are better employees, and we find that is true of our team. But most importantly, we value our team and, therefore, strive to foster a happy and healthy environment for them.


MIGSO-PCUBED is the world leader for Project Management and PMO consulting. With a team of specialists reaching across Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia, we have become the trusted delivery partner for the most recognizable brands around the world. Working in the fields of aeronautics, defense, automotive, transportation, financial services, energy, public sectors, and beyond, we help our clients to turn their biggest ideas into reality. We adapt our solutions to their culture as well as leverage the latest technologies and best practices to bring the greatest value.

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