Our Corporate Social
Responsibility Goals

At MP, we are committed to being a responsible company, empowering our people to take action.

Discover the three pillars of our Corporate Social Responsibility program
and how we make them an everyday reality.

Our CSR Program

Our CSR program is structured along three core pillars, each containing a portfolio of goals and projects, based on the ISO 26000 standards. Beyond being a corporate priority, we genuinely feel it is our individual responsibility. 

We are proud to have very active communities all around the world that play a central role in enabling a better future.

On a daily basis, our behaviour for a better future follows these ambitions:


Green Together

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Wellbeing & Work from Anywhere

"We have an important role to play in shaping the future, and are committed to building a sustainable, fair and healthy society. At MP, everyone of us is empowered to take meaningful actions and build a company we can be proud of."
Alexis Farfaro
Deputy CEO
Littoral Clean-up days

What We believe In

The pillars of our Corporate Social Responsibility are deeply ingrained in our values and our DNA.

#Commitment  #Excellence  #TeamSpirit

Act in an eco-responsible way and tackle climate change


Act ethically and inclusively in all circumstances


Be supportive & invested in the community and its wellbeing initiatives


CSR #WOW Facts

Yearly traveled kilometers by bike to commute to work
Paper business cards printed
+ 0
Partnerships & support to non-profit organizations
committed people

Deliver Green Together

We are all responsible for planet Earth.

We are working hard to reduce our carbon footprint while engaging in green initiatives and supporting our customers as they embrace the next generation of eco-friendly technologies.

// Global Community of Practice “Deliver Green Together”

// Internal environmental awareness training sessions

// Zero waste awareness sessions

// Control of energy consumption awareness sessions

// Reporting to Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

// Model to calculate our way to net zero

// Hybrid and electric cars

//  Reimbursement of kms commuted to work by bike

// Execution of the EcoWatt Charter to manage electricity consumption

// Integration into the Group’s energy efficiency plan for reducing the carbon footprint

// IT hardware reconditioning

EDI | Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity is an asset.

We are committed to building a company that is representative of society as a whole and where everyone feels included and is given equal opportunities.

In addition, we are educating employees to combat unconscious bias and helping others with this challenge. 

// Global Community of Practice DEI/EDI

// Internal awareness sessions around inclusion of any kind

// An improved recruitment process

// CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion

// Inclusive Culture Pledge

Wellbeing & Work From Anywhere

Our consultants running in London

We all deserve to be well.

But what does this really mean for a company? For us, it means that we care about our people. We care about their health, about their safety, their security, their work environment, about how they feel and about how they are getting on. 

As employees and colleagues, we pledge to listen to the needs of others and provide them with the assistance they need.

// Global Wellbeing Community of Practice Wellbeing

// Mental Health Awareness certified training

// Continuous training courses to contribute to the development of our employees’ skills and personal development

// Running community to support local business & charities

// Local Rugby club for employees

// Support to high performing individuals

// 50% of MP UK have a Mental Health Certification 

// Partnership with Disability Sports Coach

// Skills investment to support PMO in the health care sector (hospitals)

Our Charters, Labels & Certifications

Our CSR charters

Through this charter, ALTEN Group undertakes to promote a corporate social responsibility initiative within its companies.

As well as the commitment to comply with the laws and rules of good governance, this initiative is based on three fundamental principles: fairness,
valuing employees, protecting the environment and developing environmentally friendly service offerings. In this way, ALTEN Group intends to make an active contribution to sustainable

Our labels

A signatory of the United Nations Global Compact since 2010, our Group yet again demonstrated the success of its sustainability commitments and initiatives by the renewal of its Communication on Progress (COP) at the Advanced Level.

Our certifications

MIGSO-PCUBED is ISO 9001 certified for France, Germany, Spain, the UK, Canada and Portugal.

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