Case Study: Establishing Integrated Reporting for Europe’s Largest Infrastructure Program

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MIGSO-PCUBED has helped to establish the processes and systems for High Speed 2’s Integrated Program Management Office.

High Speed Two (HS2) is Europe’s largest infrastructure program creating the first new railway since the Victorian era. This £55.7bn high speed railway will link London with other UK city hubs such as Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester. It will also enable growth and regeneration across the UK with the aim to balance the economy across Britain.

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To deliver this ambitious program, the client sought to establish an integrated program management office to bring together the organisations involved in delivering both the railway and its associated community and local growth schemes.

The Challenge

To bring together multiple organisations to work together to deliver on a program of this scale and complexity. The Integrated Program Management Office (IPMO) was tasked with integrating the overall program to provide government stakeholders with a cohesive view of the entire HS2 program – enabling informed decision making, aligning delivery with benefits and ultimately providing confidence in the program. This involved bringing together the Department for Transport, High Speed Two Limited, Network Rail, the Department for Communities and Local Government, the Department for Business Innovation and Skills and various local growth bodies.

To achieve this objective, MIGSO-PCUBED worked as part of the HS2 team to identify a range of challenges:

  1. Objectives and priorities of the various parties needed to be aligned for success
  2. Development was required to bring all parties to an appropriate level of maturity
  3. Systems needed to be unified to provide a ‘Single Source of The Truth’ for the program
  4. Achieving the optimum balance of efficient delivery of the railway with maximum overall benefit realization.

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The Solution

MIGSO-PCUBED was engaged to support the integrated program Management Office (IPMO) and establish its reporting function. However, an initial assessment showed that for overall client success, a number of enablers had to be put in place. Therefore, in addition to our core role, we also:

  1. Supported the IPMO Director in establishing the Integrated Program Management Office (IPMO), and in building an effective team;
  2. Designed and implemented executive level program reporting in close collaboration with the client to provide a cohesive view of the program;
  3. Established Change Control for the Integrated Master Schedule;
  4. Helped foster program relationships and information sharing across the multi-organisation environment;
  5. Set up and led the reporting function for the Integrated Program Management Office.

The Business Benefit

By providing the HS2 leadership team with an integrated view of the entire program, the government stakeholders were able to make informed decisions and support HS2 who were moving at a very fast pace.

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