Our mission is to empower organisations to achieve successful delivery outcomes through understanding, assessing and transforming their business-to-business (B2B) relationships. Our 20+ years of proven research and practice across many sectors has established that there is a direct correlation between the quality of business relationships and project success.

Developing successful B2B Relationships 

Relationships frequently represent the greatest risk on projects, yet they are seldom included in the risk register and are hardly ever quantified. Our unique IP of tools, frameworks and processes enables organisations and management teams to jointly understand, assess and improve their B2B relationships thus reducing this risk.


Relationships are a two-way street!

We help teams improve inter-organisational relationships during each phase of the project process. We offer an understanding of the basic concepts of B2B relationships. Specifically, we help organisations understand the difference between strategic and transactional relationships – and how to evaluate and improve both types.

Can you really measure Relationships? 

Yes you can with the RelationSHAPE Process! The RelationSHAPE Process is unique in the marketplace. ISO44001 is an international standard that was created in recognition of the need to improve collaborative working between organisations. However, the standard is rigid and primarily takes a one-sided view. Based on 20+ years of research and consultancy our IP enables us to go beyond ISO44001 and is a unique offering to clients who are struggling to make their relationships work or are looking to accelerate their project performance.


RelationSHAPE will help you...

Kanban dashboard sketch


The softer behavioural aspects of B2B relationships


Business & shareholder risks


High performing teams and bottom-line performance


Scope, time & cost overruns


Long term shifts in behaviours and improved wellbeing of staff


Disputes, claims and potential reputational damage


Tender success rates

The Seven Measurable Dimensions of B2B Relationships

Unique measurable framework
The RelationSHAPE portfolio offers a unique measurable framework to help organisations assess, understand and improve their important business relationships.

The Egg Model

Scope, shape and diagnose
By understanding the importance of relationship dimensions, our methodology will guide you in measuring relational issues and driving action together with your partner to deliver critical improvements in the relationship.

RelationSHAPE Explorer

Understanding relationship types
Using our exploration tools we work with you and your teams to jointly explore the nature of your relationships and how to transform them.

RelationSHAPE Process

Effective workshops
Our facilitated workshops enable you and your partners to jointly capture hard and soft characteristics of the relationship and to co-develop metrics and actions plans.

Training & Coaching

A collaborative approach every step of the way
Our consultants are specifically trained in our process of assessing and measuring relationships. Together they will allow parties to jointly determine their actions plans and metrics.

RelationSHAPE Developer

Transformation won’t just happen
Progress is underpinned by good communication, improved behaviours and constant interaction. Using the Developer your team, jointly with their partner organisation, will explore, establish, enhance, embed and evolve the relationship.
From strategy to execution of your 
We have realised that we were far too structured in the way we worked with each other. Clearly we were operating as two teams each with their own problems. We now share. No one tries to dictate. Together we are working out the answers and coming up with ideas we wouldn’t have thought of separately
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