Podcast – Apprenticeship Programme

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MPower Apprenticeship Programme Our MPower Programme has several programmes however our most popular is the Level 6 Project Manager Degree Apprenticeship in Project Management.   Charles Wilman talks to HR Manager Julia Bellak and some of our MIGSO-PCUBED apprentices Jamie May, Harry Seear, and Charles Rahbani about their experiences on the programme. This episode was […]

Podcast – Sustainability


Sustainability Global environmental challenges are a significant concern right now. MIGSO-PCUBED’s Sustainability Community of Practice is committed to protecting the environment and helping clients and employees become more environmentally friendly.   Join Charles Wilman, William Soper, Valeria Devaux, and David Whitmore as they talk about the community of practice, Deliver Green Together. Contents Introduction [00:00] What […]

Podcast – Agile Sprint Planning

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Podcast – Agile Sprint Planning Home > Blog > Agile > Agile Sprint Planning​​ While Agile Sprint Planning is a basic to good agile discipline, what constitutes for good when it comes to Agile Planning is key to a sprint’s success. Join Charles Wilman, James Walker, and Stella Trabucco as they define the what, the who, […]

Podcast – Using Leadership by Design in Agile Transformations

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Podcast – Using Leadership by Design in Agile Transformations Home > Blog > Agile > Agile Transformations​​ Lean-Agile environments require a different leadership approach to traditional more hierarchical organizations to enable increased innovation and speed to market.  Join Charles Wilman, Sarafine Baz, and Matthew Powell as they discuss how to utilize leadership by design techniques […]

Podcast – I Want a Dashboard, Now What?

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Podcast – I Want a Dashboard, Now What? Home > Blog > Digital PMO > I Want a Dashboard, Now What?​​ Over the past year, our clients have benefited immensely from the insights that digital dashboards provide. After you realize you want one, though, the next steps can seem daunting. However, with the right guides, […]

Podcast – Preparing for Formula Student During a Pandemic

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Podcast – Preparing for Formula Student During a Pandemic Developing electric vehicles (EV) from scratch is a stressful endeavor, even for experienced engineers in an ideal environment. For the Formula Student team at the University of Hertfordshire, the pandemic threw a unique spanner in the works. Charles Wilman and Will Ashford interview Ricky Poole and […]

Podcast – Managing Wellbeing

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Podcast – Managing Wellbeing The key to success comes through taking care of yourself. Looking after one’s physical and mental well-being is something that MIGSO-PCUBED takes seriously. Becky Gaitch and Charles Wilman, consultants for MIGSO-PCUBED UK, chat with Jennifer Kehoe, Paralympics Gold Medalist, about how to tend to your wellbeing when it matters most. Contents […]

Podcast – Engaging with Ex-Military Community

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Podcast – Engaging with Ex-Military Community https://youtu.be/i7SsS1aliTk?si=aRme9guCKL7w_fUQ There is an increasing trend of ex-forces personnel seeking a new and rewarding career in the project profession. However, the transition journey can be filled with technical and emotional challenges as individuals adapt to personal and career changes. Matthew Powell, Consultant for MIGSO-PCUBED UK and Mark Sorrell, Head […]

Podcast – Mental Health Awareness Week First Aiders

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Podcast – Mental Health Awareness Week First Aiders https://youtu.be/jwe2ZmLJLVM?si=bqppkCGYdhkxWUhB This podcast is part of a series in support of Mental Health Awareness week. In this podcast, we are joined by Danny Kearney, from PROSAFE Solutions, a safety consulting company that delivered mental health first aider training to a number of us. Danny is focused on […]

Podcast #07 – Implementing Agile

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Podcast # 07 – Implementing Agile Home > Blog > Agile > Implementing Agile​​ https://youtu.be/po5LTMH9J5Y?si=tZAknrqUQmwSxt9h The gains in productivity that come from implementing Agile in your organization are monumental, but so can be the headaches when you’re getting everybody on board. Ben Beavers, principal consultant for MIGSO-PCUBED UK, joins James Lewis to talk about how […]

Podcast #06 – Risk Assessment and Management

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Podcast #06 – Risk Assessment and Management Home > Blog > Risk Management > Risk Assessment and Management​​ https://youtu.be/H40F_0eGuEo?si=s-NgHXFWeC0kIHa5 When you’re in the middle of a crisis, nothing sounds better than the ability to see into the future. While that’s normally considered impossible, you do have access to the next best thing – Risk Management. […]