Case Study: Securing Employee Engagement for Regulatory Compliance

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Our client, based within the Government Security sector, required a Change Management framework supporting new pieces of regulatory legislation. MI-GSO | PCUBED was engaged to create a comprehensive Transformation strategy, encompassing the governance, work stream structures, planning processes and all Change Management deliverables required, to ensure the client’s regulatory compliance.

The complex and secretive nature of much of the work required a combination of MI-GSO | PCUBED and client resources, to maintain secrecy yet also to ensure deliverable accuracy.  Working with change agents representing each segmented business area, the team planned for the large scale change using a Workstream activity grid, combined with individual Project milestones, to create an integrated Business Change plan.  Creation of a suite of Perspective heat maps, segmenting the change into 6 categories, provided a postcard snapshot for how each role would be impacted by the change.

To learn more about common Change Management Deliverables and Change Agent Networks please see our Change Management Guide.

Provision of a suite of Change Deliverables (elearning, workshops, and communications across various media), and liaising with the Change Agent Network, created an effective infrastructure for communicating, executing and embedding the change.  Workshops and “Boot Camps” enabled personnel to approach the enactment of the new legislation with confidence, securing effective employee engagement across the 5000 affected, and ensuring that key processes ran smoothly through the transition with no loss of service.

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