MIGSO-PCUBED Volunteers PMO Services to Navigate COVID-19 Crisis

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Mulhouse, France (September 9th, 2020) – In March 2020, at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, MIGSO-PCUBED offered its services pro bono to the GHR-MSA Emergency Department, working alongside frontline healthcare workers to manage the evolving outbreak.

“Overall, the service provided clearly lived up to expectations,” said Dr. Marc Noizet, Head of the Emergency Department at GHR-MSA. “If we had not had the human resources available, the size, scope, and results of lessons learned would not have been the same.”

The GHR-MSA emergency service is composed of 300 medical workers, a call center, and a fleet of ambulances. MIGSO-PCUBED were initially asked to provide a traditional approach to crisis management plans and change management. This plan meant no operational involvement whatsoever.

However, as the pandemic worsened, GHR-MSA needed a crisis management team to be included in operations. MIGSO-PCUBED reached out to 1,000 of their Project Management Office (PMO) professionals in France. 10 volunteers rose to the challenge of working on the frontline alongside healthcare workers and patients.

“We were very surprised to see that there are many similarities,” said Ahlem Zenina, a PMO professional working on the case. “There are the same organization, communication, and project structuring issues.”

Hospital Group of the Mulhouse Sud-Alsace region
Hospital Group of the Mulhouse Sud-Alsace region

The crisis management team had three goals:

  1. Keep the healthcare staff united with daily staff briefings and crisis communication plans.
  2. Manage the crisis’ decline by compiling an operational guide to crisis management.
  3. Build the hospital’s crisis response plan by implementing healthcare project management tools and a service transformation roadmap.

Three months after MIGSO-PCUBED’s intervention, GHR-MSA’s staff kicked-off the project team’s transformation plan. The Emergency Department is feeling optimistic about the future. The staff is improving their activity monitoring, they are generating important transformation initiatives, and additional medical personnel are being recruited. As GHR-MSA was getting the crisis under control, the project team has since moved to supporting them off-site.

“There were very, very quick results, which enabled us to better manage the rest of this crisis,” said Dr. Noizet. “[The project team’s transformation plans] are founding documents that will really help us to continue building the future. The feedback is very positive, and the objectives that were set at the start of this partnership have been largely achieved.”


MIGSO-PCUBED is the world’s leading consultancy dedicated to project, program, portfolio, and change management. We are the trusted delivery partner of the most recognizable organizations in Aeronautics, Defense, Automotive, Transport, Financial Services, Energy, and Government.

We help convert their big ideas into reality. As specialists in Project Management – our experience, intellectual property, and ability to execute are unrivaled. We tailor our solutions to our clients’ culture in order to deliver immediate value, bringing to bear the latest technologies and adaptive best practices.

We pragmatically apply experience gained in one sector to another – providing knowledge that helps our clients excel.

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