MIGSO-PCUBED makes their mark in Manchester

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MIGSO-PCUBED celebrated the official launch of their Manchester hub last week by hosting a ‘Summer Soiree’ at their city centre office.

MP invited delegates from the local area, to enjoy an evening of drinks and nibbles on their rooftop whilst soaking in stunning views across Manchester city centre. Delegates listened to talks from MP’s Manchester hub lead Rob Yates and Barney Harle, Manchester city council.

MP had a chance to speak with a few of our employees post the event.

Mark Sorrell, Head of Public Sector UK, and Florence Ong, Senior Consultant from the Manchester hub, shared what they envision for the Manchester hub.

MP: What are some of the industries in Manchester and how do you see MP’s Manchester hub helping them?

Mark: There are many government departments in Manchester, and I would like to use our experience of working in the departments of London and Bristol to support Manchester. This city has a strong manufacturing base which is helping bring in new technology. 

Florence: I think the major industries here are defence, manufacturing, telecommunications, and construction, all these by extension include energy, all industries which MP has experience in. Having a local presence and an office in Manchester plays a vital role in building trust with our clients, encourages them to entrust us with their challenges. MP hires experienced local project managers enabling us to help our clients efficiently and when needed. They can hit the ground running and offer immediate value – contributing to the growth of industries in Manchester.

MP: What have you enjoyed most about the Manchester hub launch?

Mark: I’ve enjoyed listening to the speaker Barney Harle and the interesting and varied portfolio , including the refurbishment of the Velodrome. It’s always good to connect with people from different industry sectors. From people working in the nuclear sector to those in engineering, to government stakeholders, to the food being catered by an organisation with social value. There were so many different individuals together in a room sharing their thoughts and experiences – something which always leads to good ideas. 

Florence: I enjoyed getting to know others working in the Manchester area. Every individual has their own network and if you put people in the same room, – business happens! Quoting from Rob’s speech, “There is enough for everyone in Manchester and the future is about collaboration.” You can use your network to collaborate and create something exciting.  Getting to know the people in Manchester means opening doors for potential business opportunities.

MP had a chance to speak to Joesph Beaden, the business development manager at MIDAS;

“It has been a fantastic event. We are thrilled to see MP not only successfully landing in Manchester, but also starting to embed themselves into the region. They are meeting with some of the key organisations and people. I’m sure they are only going to go from strength to strength, and this is the start of an exciting journey for MP and Manchester.”

Some of MP’s Manchester hub employees attended the Security Cleared Expo last week interacting with several prospective candidates at the recruitment event.

MP: Why was it important for MP to attend the Security Cleared (SC) Expo?

Mark: It’s important for MP to employ local consultants to work with clients in Manchester. The SC Expo recruitment event gave us a chance to meet some excellent candidates. There were other companies recruiting as well, and there was a strong presence from policing organisations. It was also good to see several organisations present at the event, including some that we have partnered with.

Florence: Specifically for MP Manchester, it was important for us to reach out to our target audience. Many of the candidates at the event have security clearance, which makes them great prospective employees for us. We also wanted to raise brand awareness and let companies out there know that we are new here in Manchester and are looking to collaborate with other companies and recruit people.

There were a number of recruitment agencies and some major defence companies present at the event as well.

SC Expo
Mark and Florence with other MP colleagues at the SC EXPO

MIGSO-PCUBED are pleased to have received a warm welcome by the community in Manchester and are looking forward to expanding their network and exploring business opportunities in this area of the country.


MIGSO-PCUBED is the world leader for Project Management and PMO consulting. With a team of specialists reaching across Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia, we have become the trusted delivery partner for the most recognizable brands around the world. Working in the fields of aeronautics, defense, automotive, transportation, financial services, energy, public sectors, and beyond, we help our clients to turn their biggest ideas into reality. We adapt our solutions to their culture as well as leverage the latest technologies and best practices to bring the greatest value.

Mark Sorrell

Head of Public Sector

Florence Ong

Senior Consultant
@ MIGSO-PCUBED Manchester

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