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MIGSO-PCUBED have signed the ECOWATT charter and join 100 other French companies taking part in this national campaign.

Since the 15th of December 2022, MIGSO-PCUBED have become a signatory of the EcoWatt charter, the “electricity weather forecast”. 

EcoWatt qualifies energy consumption levels in real time and is supported by RTE to help manage electricity consumption better.  The EcoWatt charter aims to reduce electricity consumption during periods of high consumption on the electricity network, and prevent power cuts during winter months. The charter provides a clear guide for MIGSO-PCUBED to adopt the right measures to ensure a good supply of electricity.

MIGSO-PCUBED have joined 100 other French companies taking part in this national campaign. The company is committed to implementing measures to control energy consumption (temperature control for heating and air conditioning in their offices, lighting of the premises, switching devices on standby, controlling hot water and air conditioning), as well as raising employee awareness and training in the use of eco-actions.

MP’s CSR policy aims to be concrete, logical, and based on daily activities that impact the environment. Along with sustainability and responsible digital technology, control of energy consumption is the third pillar of MP’s environmental actions. Therefore, MP signing the EcoWatt charter is an important step in protecting the environment.

A number of best practices can be easily applied in the professional environment:

• Reducing heating in offices
• Switching off lights that are not in use and reducing screen brightness
• Switching off all equipment at the end of the day (computer, screen, printer, etc)
• Unplugging chargers when devices are fully charged
• Managing email (amount of attachments, reducing the size of the mail, only sending to the people concerned, managing storage)

Next step: Sign up for the EcoWatt alert and adopt the eco-gestures in case of a red or orange alert in your sector and thus limit the risks of power cuts.

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