From Spain to Australia,
embark on an enriching
journey with Maria!

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From across many continents, we introduce you Maria, our PMO Consultant from Australia now.

Discover the wide range of opportunities with MIGSO-PCUBED as Maria shares her insights and her passion for solving complex projects!

Without further ado, it’s interview time. Maria, the floor is yours! 🎙️

Your new neighbours ask you what you do for a living; in a few words, what do you reply?

“I work as a project manager for a consulting firm that helps companies successfully complete large projects.

On a normal day, I work with our clients to make sure their projects are properly planned, on budget, and being executed on time.

From Spain to Australia,
tell us all about your mobility!

“Moving from Spain to Australia has been an exciting new chapter!

Back in 2018, I took a gap year and spent several months exploring Australia, and I absolutely fell in love with the country. So, when I learned there was the opportunity to move here, I asked. I’ve always enjoyed pushing beyond my comfort zone, meeting new people, and taking on new challenges!

I discussed the potential move with my managers in Spain, and they were fully supportive. The timing also felt right to take the next step in my PM career.  

As a newer consultant in the country, some of my goals are to quickly learn about the industries our Australian clients work in, understand the unique project challenges here, and build strong relationships. 

My biggest challenges are adapting to a new work culture and communicating effectively when English is my second language. 

But so far, I have no regrets! My new colleagues have been welcoming, and I’m contributing to an exciting railway infrastructure project that keeps me engaged.”


Our people are supported during their relocation! We provide assistance and ensure regular follow-up after their move in the host country. 

Mobility is even easier with MP!

Have you always wanted to be a PMO Consultant?

“I didn’t initially set out to become a PMO Consultant, but I realized over time that it’s the perfect role for me.

I’ve always been organized and detail-oriented. I enjoy developing plans, managing schedules, and helping coordinate complex projects. My very first job after university was as a Consultant in a Pharma Tech Consultancy, and that experience made me realize how much I loved the project management side of business.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve gained experience in various PM roles across different industries, such as pharmaceuticals and railways. I like that every project brings new challenges to solve. No two are the same! As a consultant, I get to work on particularly complex, high-stakes projects which I find very rewarding.

Providing PMO support and helping clients successfully deliver projects is extremely fulfilling for me. I love taking something from initiation to completion. My background and passion lie firmly within project management, so being a PMO Consultant allows me to live out my strengths daily.”


“I dream of becoming a PMO consultant when I grow up” says no one…

But, let’s be honest…it makes a great career when you discover what it entails! You might even be surprised to find out how qualified you are to become one!

What makes MP special to you?

“What really drew me to this company and makes it stand out is the supportive, people-focused culture. It’s more than just a job, and I see this as a long-term career home.

There is also a genuine interest in helping employees to grow and develop as professionals. Management actively listens and finds opportunities tailored to value each person’s strengths and interests.

Global connectivity is another big differentiator. I’ve been able to collaborate with and learn from experts around the world. And the mobility opportunities are real – just look at my recent international transfer!”


MP is #MoreThanJustAJob!

It’s our people, the MP family, our great projects and amazing clients, our journey opportunities, our diversity, our international presence, …

But we won’t go on and on, Maria sums it up very well in her own words! #HappyAtMP

PMO one day, PMO for life?
What opportunities as a PMO Consultant are there at MP?

“One of the great things about being a PMO Consultant here is that you aren’t pigeon-holed into one narrow role. There are diverse opportunities to grow and develop new expertise over time, in a PMO role or towards other career paths. The broadness of projects allows me to build knowledge across industries, project management approaches, and sectors.

The flexibility and career development options are unmatched (delivery management, business-related roles…).

As a PMO Consultant,
what does working as a team bring?

When we bring together passionate professionals with diverse backgrounds and strengths, we can tackle the most complex projects imaginable.

I see teamwork in action every day. We lift each other up, share knowledge, and work together towards solutions. Each person contributes their unique skills and experience to push the team forward.

We are also committed to outstanding work. Our clients expect excellence, so we hold ourselves to the highest standards in everything we deliver. There is a shared sense of pride in the success of our projects that goes far beyond individual recognition.”


Beyond the project team, MP is a truly large team where support can be found. We have communities of practice, workshops, webinars initiated by our people, internal social network… Ready to connect?

What is the latest achievement
you are proud of?

In my project management role, I created a customized actions register to help my client better monitor outstanding tasks, assign owners, and drive timely completion.

The client really appreciated having a centralized place to track the progress of actions. They even decided to implement the register template across all their other projects based on the value it provided.

Seeing them eagerly adopt my action register template across the entire organization was extremely fulfilling.

Enabling clients to improve their business processes through tools I create is one of the most rewarding parts of my job. I’m motivated to keep finding small ways to add big value through my work.”

As a PMO Consultant, if you could have a superpower, what would it be?

“If I could have any superpower, it would be the ability to anticipate clients’ needs before they even ask. 

I’d love to have a sixth sense for knowing exactly what questions they have, what pain points they’re experiencing, and how we can proactively provide solutions.

Having this kind of foresight would enable me to deliver incredibly high levels of service. I could address issues early and overdeliver on expectations. 

My goal is always for clients to feel completely supported. This superpower would take that to the next level.”

Can you give us 3 tips
for starting a new life abroad?

Moving to a new country requires an open mindset and an eagerness to learn. Leaving my comfort zone in Spain for this adventure has already taught me so much both professionally and personally.

Here is my advice for embracing an exciting new chapter abroad:

1. First, enter with an open heart to fully embrace the local culture. Don’t just observe from the outside – immerse yourself completely. Meet new people, try new foods, participate in local events. The more open you can be, the more you will gain.

2. Second, remain flexible and willing to adjust. Life abroad won’t mirror your home country. Adapt to new cultural norms and any changes that arise. Staying flexible to a new way of living is key.

3. And third, develop an insatiable curiosity. Make learning part of your daily routine. Absorb as much knowledge as possible about your new home and continue expanding your horizons.

With an open and curious mindset, the possibilities are endless. You’ll unlock immeasurable life and career growth.


So, just remember – immerse yourself fully, adapt smoothly, and never stop learning.”


MIGSO-PCUBED is the world leader for Project Management and PMO consulting. With a team of specialists reaching across Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia, we have become the trusted delivery partner for the most recognizable brands around the world. Working in the fields of aeronautics, defense, automotive, transportation, financial services, energy, public sectors, and beyond, we help our clients to turn their biggest ideas into reality. We adapt our solutions to their culture as well as leverage the latest technologies and best practices to bring the greatest value.