Project Management Consultant

The essential co-pilot for project success!

The PM Consultant is a project professional who combines a Consultant skill-set with Project Management expertise.
As a Consultant, they are service, solution and results oriented. With their PM expertise, they anticipate
risks and schedule deviations as well as ensure project success and performance.

What is a Consultant at MP ?

Service, solutions and results oriented

At MP, being a consultant is all about having the right mindset.

Our project management consultants are fully committed to their engagements by focusing on service, results and client satisfaction. Naturally curious, flexible and proactive, their expertise lies in understanding each complex challenge they face, and finding solutions tailored to each specific client environment.

Our MP consultants are driven by a common goal: adding value to their clients by helping them to convert their biggest ideas into reality.

Roles & responsibilities
of a PM Consultant

Giving clients the ability to anticipate

Our Project Management Office (PMO) professionals have the collective experience and expertise to learn, understand and analyse each specific project organisation, as well as to deliver their clients the relevant information they need to anticipate project risks and schedule deviations.

Our consultants collect all the data on the project’s components (scheduling, costs, risks, resources, etc.), analyse and summarise them as indicators, and recommend the best solutions to stakeholders to guarantee the project’s performance.

As true project co-pilots, they facilitate decision-making by presenting the appropriate decision-making indicators.

Some project examples

Great projects to empower your experience

Our Project Management consultants work on fascinating challenges all over the world, for the most recognised brands in aerospace, defence, automotive, transport and energy sectors, as well as for financial services and government organisations.

Here is a sample of the projects our consultants have had the abitility to work on, in their own words:

Expected skills
& attitude


To be constantly mobilised to improve our client projects' performance


Project management means being organised and setting an example

Taste for challenge

Be demanding of yourself, have a taste for challenge and a sense of service

Project passion

Enjoy projects and their diversity, be a committed player in project teams


To provide solutions to complex client problems


Developing client relationships

Interpersonal relations

Adopting the right approach with people based on one's audience


Active listening is key to good communication

A wide range of
roles & opportunities

Being a project management consultant at MP doesn’t mean that everyone does the same job!
Project, client and geographical contexts vary from one assignment to the next, and your seniority and levels
of expertise in project management disciplines would evolve throughout your journey.

Who better than our consultants to talk about that? Find out more about their experiences:

Pascal, Senior Consultant

Find out more about Pascal’s experience at MP and what he likes best about his job.

Kira-Marie, PM consultant

A wide range of industrial sectors and regions, find out more about Kira-Marie’s journey.

Become our next Consultant at MP


Why join our team?

Joining MIGSO-PCUBED means joining a company that offers much more than just a job.
Team spirit is at the heart of our DNA, and our values and mindset don’t stay at the office!

We help each other, share ideas, commit to Corporate Social Responsibility actions,
develop initiatives to innovate and have memorable moments together.

We share all the keys to evolve through professional tracks, a strong
learning culture and a various development opportunities.