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Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) is a new way to mobilize flexible project, program and change management services, guaranteeing quality and efficient delivery, on a planned portfolio of activities.

With PMaaS, you get more resources. time. results.

With PMaaS, you get 
more resources,
more time and more results.


20% higher productivity than contract or employee resources.


Reduced procurement and management effort.


Rapid mobilization and absorption of peak workload.


Embedded team with expert leadership to drive on-time, on-budget performance.


Effective interdependency management.

Have questions about how we achieve 20% higher productivity? Ask us!  We’re happy to explain!

What We Do

We improve capability and capacity by


increasing delivery confidence

while driving increased speed & quality.


keeping tab on your projects

with dashboards built on data you can act on.


implementing new ways of working

to drive change in order to achieve quicker results.


leveraging a team of experts

with the right blend of hard-to-find skills

We give you control of your programs, so you can accomplish more.

Our Approach

A plan built for success.

  • Determine the landscape
  • Set the vision, goal, KPI’s
  • Define governance framework
  • Requirements identification
  • Service / Book of Work design
  • Mobilization planning
  • Rapid onboarding
  • Service delivery teams embedded with expert leadership
  • Scale to critical mass
  • Operationalize and sustain
  • Realize the benefits
"Enterprises are starting to understand that project management isn't really their core competency, that they could get someone to do that well, and do it in a way that really integrates with their business."
Jack Langowski
Jack Langowski
Senior Consultant
Jack presenting pmaas

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