Littoral clean-up days


Following a “Littoral clean-up day” initiative launched by our Cherbourg hub, the Aix-en-Provence team partnered with a local association – “Palana Environnement” –  to organise a day out to collect waste on the coastline. Collaborators and their families from Aix and even from Toulouse met at the “Etang de Berre” near Marseille.

Pablo, president of Palana Environnement, explained to our team how to collect fishing nets and particularly how to defuse them. Annually more than 640,000 tons of fishing net which are lost in sea. Those fishing nets are taking as much as 600 years to degrade!


So we helped “Palana Environnement” works in order to recover, defuse and revaluate them to preserve the seabed submarine species.

During the afternoon, after a boat trip on the “Etang de Berre”, Pablo explained how they are working and why it’s such an emergency to protect our littoral. On a daily basis, their team collect more than 15 big bags of waste on the beaches of this lake.

Our collaborators helped them to collect these marine wastes, who will be recycled into a range of products dedicated to maritime activities.

“A major challenge for us is to achieve a 100% recycling (re-use) of recovered marine litter” Palana Environnement

For MI-GSO | PCUBED this day means more than just collecting and recycling marine trash. It’s a way to express truly our values of excellence, commitment and team spirit through a CSR event adequacy with our programme. 

We want to thank Palana Environnement for the warm welcome they gave us during that day, and our collaborators for their commitment and their time.  Watch the full video of the event for more details.

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