Employee Stories

Business Manager in Houston
What’s so great about who we are is that we can leverage the many other hubs and the many other global locations we have for resources, training, so that we can better service our clients.
Consultant in San Francisco
I’ve been pretty impressed with MI-GSO | PCUBED’s structure and just the way that they bring you on, they train you up.
Senior Consultant in Detroit
Once I started learning about project management, I started to understand that this is really who I am as a person, it’s about meeting with people and solving problems, coming with solutions and delivering excellence.
Senior Consultant in San Francisco
If you like project management, if you like a growing vibrant company, and you like being involved in a marketplace that’s evolving but is certainly spot on, this is the place to be.
Head of Subject Matter Expert team
I’m excited about new opportunities within the marketplace, whether that be agility, the Industry 4.0.
There’s lots of changes to businesses that are happening today that we are very much a part of.
Team Lead
One of the best things is the people. It’s really good to have this community of experts within our group.
They’ll give you the opportunity to do something new if you express the desire.

You are looking for…

A rich experience
For us, diversity means working with a variety of clients spread over multiple industries, collaborating on fascinating challenges around the world.​ ​

You will have the opportunity to connect with diverse colleagues, learn and share with the community, create, take responsibility and lead.​ ​​

So take the opportunity to enhance yourself, acquire new skills, become an expert, excel for our customers, strengthen your track record.
A Great company culture
What makes us special is our unique culture of ‘intrapreneurialism’. We believe that being empowered makes us happier and more effective. ​

So become an “intrapreneur”, in a dynamic and open environment.​ Leverage your passion and knowledge.​ ​​

We innovate, transform, help each other and commit ourselves to building the company we want to work for.​
a strong team spirit
We take pride in our team spirit and want every employee to be part ​of our global team. We like working together, transforming together, innovating together. We share a consistently successful track record in our delivery and our growth.​ ​​
​ It all starts with a mindset.​ So our team spirit doesn’t just stay at work: we love to keep active in sporting challenges, support charitable causes and build communities of practice. ​
That’s why we are truly interested in authentic people and believe in teams in which the individual’s unique talents are able to flourish with the support of each other.

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