Our activities in Germany cover the entire spectrum from transformational services to operational support through our integrated service portfolio.

With a solid engineering footprint, we serve the leading enterprises in the world. Our core focus is on automotive and aerospace.
Our employees are familiarized with the most important occupational safety measures during the onboarding process as well as during their missions.

Country focus

Project Management as an Ecosystem

We have taken project management to the next level. Whereas traditionally project management is a matter of organizing major endeavors within a company, like the development of a new product – we have taken project management to the level of the ecosystem.

Our company has successfully proven that with our consultants, experience, and methodologies we can realize the implementation of a digital-driven business model in complex ecosystems, orchestrating partners of diverse backgrounds and starting points.

Following this approach, we turn disruptive forces resulting from digital transformation into tangible growth opportunities.

Our Culture

With us, you can build the company you want to work for. Given the relatively short history of the German operation, we unite the characteristics of a start-up with the power of a globally leading company in its segment.

Whether it’s with new ways of working, developing cutting-edge AI solutions to manage our business, or simply delivering engineering at its best, the only limitation is your imagination. Our culture drives intrapreneurship and supports proactive people.

Our team in itself is diverse, with consultants from more than ten different nations covering most geographies of the world. No matter where and at what level you are becoming a member of the team, you are going to be part of an international and culturally exciting journey.

Mastering Agility in the context of Digitalization

Agile, once an approach to better manages IT implementation projects, has long become a trend impacting companies as such. Adopting agile management is one of the core strategies to embrace and incorporate change that comes with the increasing digitalization of industrial processes.

We as project management professionals provide proven and consistent frameworks consisting out of processes, methodologies, and tools that are ready to be deployed in our customers’ environment. Following this, we do more for you than providing you with the best professionals. We give guidance that reflects and leverages your legacy. We help to become an agile organization. We make digital elements part of the way on how you steer your programs and projects.

Our consultants’ certifications include:

Key Figures

Hubs: Munich, Cologne, Hamburg
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Growth Potential

Employee Spotlight

"What I particularly enjoy is, simply, the variety. I think it’s great that not every day is the same, that I can try out and learn different things."
Project Management Engineering Consultant in Munich
Kira-Marie Employee Story

Our Offices


Elsenheimerstraße 55 A
80687 Munich

+49 (0)89 25 555 28 12


Airbus Technology Park 1
Hein-Saß Weg 36
Entrance B Ground Floor
21129 Hamburg

+49 (0)89 25 555 28 12

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