How can Lean Process Improvement
help your business?

Lean innovation is our approach to facilitating value delivery through rapid improvement cycles with results – as early as possible.

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How can lean innovation help your business?

At MIGSO-PCUBED, we define Lean Innovation, also referred to as Lean Process Improvement, as an end-to-end solution that delivers rapid innovation by continuously re-engineering processes, products, or services to reduce waste, optimize performance, and maximize value. The Lean innovation framework blends the core principles, tools and techniques from Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile, into a catalyst to accelerate an organization’s portfolio and innovation goals.

This framework allows an organization to identify new improvement opportunities aligned to the needs of the end user using Design Thinking and Lean Six Sigma problem solving. Second, it provides an approach for rapidly developing and iteratively testing solutions using Lean Startup and Agile ways of working. And finally, for those solutions best aligned to the organization’s strategy, it utilizes Agile for scaling continuous innovation out to the organization in bite sized increments.

The key benefit is its straightforward methodology centered around learning. Teams begin with identifying a minimum viable product, i.e. the smallest amount of features that will deliver what the end customer really needs and wants. Then the team quickly tests those assumptions in experiments designed to solve a problem with the least amount of investment required. This allows the team to learn early on that the end opportunity will provide value before scaling the additional investment needed to go to market.

If you’re interested in reading more about the process and benefits of implementing lean innovation, click here to read the full article.

Lean Innovation Case Studies

Car moving around the benc

Case Study: Lean Framework for Accelerated Innovation

Our client, a leading Automotive OEM, was looking to accelerate innovation by incorporating ‘new ways of working’ into their traditional product development process. MIGSO-PCUBED designed and implemented a Lean Innovation Framework blending design thinking, lean-start up and scaled agile approaches. This enabled them to accelerate the ideation and delivery of ‘minimum viable products’ from 24 months down to 12 weeks.

Female engineer reviewing data in a car.

Case Study: Lean Thinking- How to Supercharge A Team’s Ability To Secure Efficiencies

A Government client started their cost saving journey back in 2016, but by 2020 they were losing momentum during the COVID-19 lockdown when more than 75% of employees didn’t have the technology to work productively from home. Using our Lean Innovation methodology, we began a small pilot within the Procurement Department to build a roadmap of incremental improvements to unlock efficiencies in their pipeline. Using two major projects in the programme as a first step, results to date include a 50% reduction in procurement lead time with subsequent multi-million-pound savings in overall project cost.

Case Study: Lean Project Delivery

Our client Safran, a leading Aerospace & Defense supplier, was facing one of its greatest challenges in recent years: to increase productivity by 50%. Failure to meet their targets meant significant pressure from their customers and additional risk to those business relationships. At the end of the Lean Innovation assessment, MIGSO-PCUBED left our client with more than 75 improvement actions for implementation. Upon execution, those improvement actions will net the client a further 20% reduction in overtime and an additional 30% savings beyond the target for this project.

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