Case Study: Decommissioning Process Excellence

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An estimated 30% of servers are unused, consuming precious resources without providing any value back to the organization.  MI-GSO | PCUBED was recently engaged by a Global Financial Services institution to structure an Operational Excellence program, taking aim at reducing the total cost of ownership of their 80,000+ servers.

In partnership with the client, MI-GSO | PCUBED worked to centralize approximately 20 independent decommissioning services under one Program, defining standardized processes, reducing administrative hurdles and automating centralized reporting across multiple data sources.

With nearly 4000 servers in the program backlog, and a desire to replace older servers with new thereby reducing maintenance costs, the team quickly focused on defining an approach to accelerate value capture. Implementing a hybrid project management process, tailoring the method (agile vs. waterfall) to suit the task at hand, while also establishing a method for prioritization, ensured a focus on both business priorities and KPI compliance.

The centralized Program achieved great success through adopting Agile principles. The result – 1,300% ROI and a reduction of 1,000 servers from the backlog in the first quarter alone.

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