Case Study: Improvements in the IT Investment Portfolio

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MI-GSO | PCUBED was engaged by a major energy company as part of a Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) framework to improve their portfolio management practices for IT Innovation. Their current portfolio of 56 projects across advanced computing, IoT, Cloud, Modeling Analytics and Cyber Security, suffered from lack of overall proposal quality and project planning.

Our MI-GSO | PCUBED team focused on adding value in four areas:

  • Portfolio Restructuring
  • Proposal Quality
  • Project Valuations, and
  • Team Culture 

During Portfolio Restructuring, the existing portfolio, with projects running across multiple years, was re-prioritized, postponing projects and reallocating resources to more strategically aligned initiatives, thereby enabling the IT Innovation team to deliver value earlier.

Implementing best practices from design thinking to proposal definition, the team facilitated 3 workshops, with the goal of pitching like a startup, resulting in better framed business proposals and improved Proposal Quality.

In addition the implementation of an “Emerging Technology Improv Area” within the organization focused on increasing knowledge sharing and communications, which in turn resulted in improved overall Team Culture.  Finally, through hands-on project management coaching and mentoring, our team improved project plan creation by 78%; and increased Project Valuation estimation quality, impacting more realistic downstream forecasted revenue and cost savings.

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