Case Study: Delivering Excellence with Program Management as a Service

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With the rising cost of replacing aging infrastructure, inefficient utilization of staff and a projected 60% increase in air traffic over the next 15 years, digital control towers may provide just the revolution sought for air traffic management.


MI-GSO | PCUBED entered into a contract for Program Management as a Service (PMaaS) support for an Air Navigation Services Company as they transitioned to on-demand and digital Air Traffic control services.  Their substantial investment in new technology and equipment, combined with our track record for excellence in PM delivery, supports their commitment to increasing safety, reducing costs, and building an organization more adaptable to changing needs.

Air traffic tour control
Photo by Mark Stenglein on Unsplash


During their Program Feasibility phase, our team of program and change management professionals led the development of the program blueprint, business case, integrated master schedule and benefits realization plan.

As organizational resistance, lack of integration and insufficient communications often leads to poor results, the team also focused on preparing the organization for this large scale change. 

Lack of integration and insufficient communications often leads to poor results.

During the feasibility stage, the team conducted assessments on Workforce Impact and Change Resistance, incorporating all recommended improvements back into the Program Plan. 


This integration of change management best practices into Program Management as a Service ensured that client benefits could be met as intended in future phases.

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