Reducing Business Critical Risks through Stronger Governance


MI-GSO | PCUBED helped a large UK based recycling, resources and energy company develop an integrated framework of policies, processes and procedures, providing them with the ability to better manage critical health, safety, environment (HSE) and business risks.

Our team launched the transformation programme by developing a 4 step strategy to support our client’s Safer and Better initiative:

  • Establishing a baseline;
  • Reducing critical risks;
  • Establishing operational excellence, and
  • Embedding Enterprise Excellence.

Our unique approach to enterprise problem identification quickly pinpointed missing, duplicate and sub optimal governance documents enabling us to work with the client on an action plan to reduce critical risks and save money.

Approach to Enterprise Problem Identification
Approach to Enterprise Problem Identification

Through combining our analysis with a bespoke Behavioral and Cultural Assessment as part of our Change Management practice, we were able to identify and plan for the challenges the client organisation could expect to face in engaging a multicultural workforce. Based on the results of the assessment, the team prioritized the implementation of a new governance framework and the development of a highly capable and equipped team.

“We chose MI-GSO | PCUBED to work alongside us because they have practical implementation skills. I was really happy with the quality of their outputs and surprised they could deliver in such a short time”.
– Capital Projects and Engineering Director

The outcome of the improvement programme included a fit-for-purpose structure of policies, processes and procedures for the client to own and implement along with a robust understanding of the cultural and behavioural challenges ahead.

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