Organizations are facing unprecedented levels of change. While the need to lead effective change is growing, so too is change fatigue. We get it, change is hard. Luckily, it’s a challenge we enjoy tackling.

What We Do

We make your change programs succeed.

We focuse on the people aspect of organizational change, creating the right environment to allow transformation through.
We make sure you see value from all your hard work.

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Help knowing if your people are ready to adopt change.

We assess the willingness and ability of your employees to adopt to a change. Through engagement with those affected, we can uncover a number of findings which point to root causes which can ultimately mean the difference between success and failure. Addressing these root causes can then become an integral part of your change management strategy.

Read our case study for an example of how we use it.

To improve efficiency in your communications with your stakeholders.

By analyzing the stakeholders we identify them and group them by types, depending on their level of affection regarding the change. This analysis is then used as part of the communications plan to manage communications with the stakeholder audience effectively.

Learn more in our Change Management Toolkit article.

To help identify and isolate the differents perceptions your employees have of your company.

The benefits of this process will be a detailed understanding of the cultural and change readiness issues that are inherent in the organization. The results of a survey will be fed into an analysis template and discussed with key sponsors. The team will then determine necessary tactics or change management activities to be used during the Manage the Change phase to address blockers for cultural change.

To win hearts and minds throughout the change journey.

The communications plan includes the target stakeholder groups, the key messages to be conveyed, timing and channels of communication, the source of communication and the subsequent results of the communications.

Additional Reading: our case study Changing Behaviors at the Cyber Security Front Line.

To facilitate stakeholder engagement and briefing throughout the change life cycle.

Our change managers work closely with sponsors and senior stakeholders to create a Change Agent network that operates at three levels within the organisation:

  1. Sponsors / Leaders
  2. Team Leaders / Middle Management
  3. Key or Super Users.

Learn more in our 2020 Change Management Guide.

To take the temperature of the organization with regards to an ongoing change initiative.

Through interviews we review program effectiveness against the following areas:

  • Leadership
  • Vision
  • Feasibility 
  • Culture
  • Engagement
  • Outcomes
  • Enablement

It helps building a dashboard that immediately shows senior sponsors where pain points are in key programs, allowing them to agree and execute on remedial actions. Sub dashboards segment the feedback so you can see what separate functions and stakeholder groups think across each of the seven program areas.

"We tailor our tools to each and every client because every single person in the organization has to feel that change is catering for them specifically."
James Lewis
James Lewis
Head of Change Management
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Our Approach

Our three phased Change Management Model is seamlessly integrated with our own Program Management Transformation Model.
All change activities are tailored to the organization’s specific requirements, aimed at driving adoption, enhancing delivery performance and embedding lasting change.

1. Build Change
2. Manage
the Change
3. Sustain
the Change
Engage leadership to identify and define clear case for change, exciting the wider team to build commitment and engagement around an envisioned future state.
Enable change by removing barriers and inefficient ways of working, establishing aligned structures to successfully execute change cycles, adapting as appropriate to deliver early and often wins.
Evaluate effectiveness of change tactics, making adjustments to evolve stakeholder learning to reinforce and embed desired behaviors, ensuring ongoing independent delivery.

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Best stakeholder management I have seen in a long time. Great effort towards understanding our business well.
Sven Wittchen
Head of PMO @ Icon Water

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