Case Study: Preparation and Logistics of Big Room Planning

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MI-GSO | PCUBED was engaged by a Tier One Investment Bank to lead the planning and execution of logistically frictionless SAFe Program Increment Planning Events, as part of their larger Agile Portfolio Transformation. Working closely with the client team, our team delivered the PI Planning where all 650+ stakeholders, across 7 locations and 4 time zones, knew their roles and had everything necessary to plan their next increment of work.

Our team of SAFe certified Program Consultants began by defining the Stakeholder Management Strategy, agreeing how different categories of stakeholders would be engaged prior to the event, as well as who needed to be in which meetings over the course of the 3 day event. With this, they then developed the Logistics Plan for all 22 Feature Teams, highlighting video conferencing, shared document locations and rooms within each facility, with 1 location requiring coordination for nearly 200 people.

The team then detailed the Training Plan, with role requirements, priorities and how training would ultimately be achieved.  Engaging the Senior Management group, MI-GSO | PCUBED worked to understand the Reporting & Metrics required up to the portfolio level, executing these using JIRA and custom reports.

Finally, the team created a Communications Plan, covering the weeks leading up to, during and post events to ensure that everyone was aligned.

To date, the Client has successfully planned 3 PI’s over the last 9 months; bringing together IT, Business and customers.  This understanding of the overall vision and corresponding plan to deliver value has resulted in an increased confidence in Agile processes amongst all stakeholders.

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