Our company culture

At MIGSO-PCUBED, developing our employees’ experience has always been at the heart of our culture.
Because Excellence, Commitment, and Team Spirit are part of our DNA, and because People are at the heart of our business.

Our philosophy – #EmpoweringOurPeopleExperience – is based on 4 pillars to reinforce the Project, Professional, CSR, and Social experience of our employees within the company.

Empower your project experience and strive for excellence

As a Pioneer and Leader in Project Management, it’s only natural to empower the project experience of our people.

At MP, our consultants work on innovative and large-scale projects, taking on responsibilities, interacting with people from different backgrounds, and learning and sharing from our communities of expertise.

All of this is done to develop new skills, strengthen performance, and become true experts and leaders in project management.

Empower your professional experience, the key to success

What makes us so special at MP is our unique culture of intrapreneurship.  

We believe that being empowered makes us more efficient and, above all, happier, and we truly believe that being successfull in business, also depends on the enrichment and development of each and every one of us.

We empower our employees sharing the tools they need to drive their professional development, foster innovation, engage in cross-functional projects, and become true intrapreneurs. Together, we’re shaping the kind of company we aspire to work in.

Empower your CSR experience, and commit together

At MIGSO-PCUBED, we are committed to being a responsible company, but more importantly, we empower our people to take action and get involved in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsability) program is built around 3 pillars :

  • Deliver Green Together,
  • Diversity, Equality & Inclusion,
  • Well-being.

For each of these pillars, we are proud to have very active employee communities around the world, playing a central role in building a better everyday life.

Empower your social experience, and share beyond the office

At MP, we take pride in our team spirit and want every employee to be part of our global team and share their ideas.

It all starts with a mindset that doesn’t just stay at the office: we love to work together, take on sporting challenges, support charitable causes, build communities of expertise, or simply share some great social moments. 

That’s why we truly value authentic people, and why we make it a point to have teams in which the individual’s unique talents are able to flourish with the support of each other.

Our job families​

Regardless of your experience and background, our range of job families offer
exciting initiatives that allow you to enhance your skills and
empower your experience at MIGSO-PCUBED.

Find out more about our range of job families:

No matter your experience, our goal is to help you develop

Apply now &
join our teams

At MP, each new employee is immersed in the company culture from the moment they arrive.
Our onboarding process helps new joiners gain a better understanding of the contex, challenges,
and issues to be faced on a daily basis and to become a real part of our teams.

So don’t hesitate, come and join us!

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