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When the leading ride sharing platform setout to beat the competition, they turned to MI-GSO | PCUBED to reduce time to market of their first of kind program. 

Leveraging disruptive technology requires you to operate in an highly Adaptive mode, combining flexible processes with an even more flexible organization to yield faster validation.  As no two companies are the same, it’s all about finding the minimum viable governance to achieve execution at speed.

In the race to be first you don’t have time for delays.

Working collaboratively with the client, MI-GSO | PCUBED developed and implemented a “business NOT as usual” automotive development solution that aligned to the needs and culture of their fast paced organization.  In the Identify phase the team set out to quickly define an initial blueprint to get the organization moving in the same direction.

Technology in today’s market is rapidly evolving, so decisions need to change rapidly as well.  Carefully selecting the necessary building blocks including program timing, bill of materials, a responsive supplier selection process and a fresh eye to vehicle testing specifications, and then applying Agile Project Management principles to continue driving new thinking in project management, enabled our client to act faster and deliver more efficiently.

With a lean agile structure in place the team achieved the initial design release milestone with 100% on time delivery. 

During follow-on development phases the team continued to look at ways to eliminate waste in the development process reducing prototype vehicle needs by 90% whilst enabling lightning fast validation.

Now in the sustain phase, the team identified a continuous improvement roadmap with the client focused on realizing speed to value and transitioned controls to the internal staff.

Slide Sharing Agile Governance Case Study by MI-GSO | PCUBED

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