MI-GSO | PCUBED and DSC celebrate Summer Festival 2018!


On Friday 27th July 2018, MI-GSO | PCUBED consultants participated as volunteers in a Sports Day event run by Disability Sports Coach (DSC), a charity that provides award-winning sports and physical activity opportunities in London.

This event was the fourth collaboration between MI-GSO | PCUBED and Disability Sports Coach (DSC), following two other sports days and a half marathon that took place in February this year (where MI-GSO | PCUBED consultants raised over £3000 for the charity).

The event took place at Kensington Leisure Centre in West London, and consisted of both indoor and outdoor activities including football, basketball, tennis, gymnastics and dance. Volunteers took on many different roles throughout the day – the MI-GSO | PCUBED team consisted of Kunal Patel (who welcomed guests at the reception and resumed his role as team leader), Washington Nelson (who supported the social media campaign) and Jasmine Pank (who supported the gymnastics activity).

Over 300 DSC members attended the event and, despite the sweltering heat, every activity was carried out with strong determination and enthusiasm. Many of the activities were new to the members, so it was great to see the fearlessness and positive attitude of everyone that welcomed the challenge. This was perhaps demonstrated best by a young girl who attempted a cartwheel for the first time, and after a countless number of ‘failed’ attempts where she landed on her back, she finally landed on her feet – where she was met with a round of applause from club members, family members and volunteers that had gathered around to cheer her on.

Men and woman posing in front of a rollup banner

The day was a resounding success, and a great experience for the MI-GSO | PCUBED volunteers:

  • “A fun day out, great to see so many smiling faces” – Jasmine
  • “The joy on their faces provides an incredible feeling of satisfaction” – Kunal
  • “Great experience, really enjoyed helping out and promoting the event” – Washington

Our effort didn’t go unnoticed by the DSC team either: 

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