Brest : Naval base running team


4 MI-GSO consultants at the Brest Naval Base, have teamed up to create a running group where during lunch break, they take time focusing on well-being and performance. In the spirit of corporate teamwork and visibility, they all wear MI-GSO T-shirts during our sessions.

The Brest Naval Base is bordered on one side by the coastline, the other by the river Penfeld, two environments especially well equipped for sports. In the west, you can experience a gorgeous landscape within forests, among rivers with a nice view of « La pointe des Espagnols and L’anse de Camaret. »  The trails offer various levels of steepness that are especially appropriate for amateur runners.

The numerous coastlines, small ports are perfect for picnics or even a short swim for those who are brave enough. These spots are also perfect for water sports such as paddling, windsurfing, diving, etc. Situated only five minutes from the office, make the most of your break and free your mind in fresh air. Just don’t forget to come back

On the other side, north of the naval base, is the Penfeld River Park where you can enjoy running through slightly less hilly trails compared to the Goulet road. This loop lends itself well to bike rides, mixing road and undergrowth with graveled trails. 

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