Lean innovation


Accelerate your vision. Redefining processes, products, and services to look for ways to eliminate waste and maximize value. Think big. Start small. Adapt fast.

Love your work again.

Organizations are increasingly attempting to add value whilst simultaneously cutting costs to keep up with the pace of change. Unfortunately, existing ways of working often lead to inefficient and ineffective processes, variations in quality, an inability to make decisions, an ever-growing backlog of work, and mounting employee frustration.

We help work, work for you.

Utilizing a results-driven approach to redefine your processes, products, and services – we help you eliminate unnecessary, time-consuming steps and identify new and innovative ways to maximize value.

Change you want to make.

Our facilitative approach involves those closest to the work, you. And through our collaborative workshops, we make it as painless as possible –  transferring the capability and tools to deliver improvements long after we are gone.

Lean Innovation isn't just "Lean".

It’s a different approach to problem-solving.  Using a blend of Design Thinking, Lean, Agile, Change Management, and Core Program and Project Delivery, we quickly identify the root of the issue and develop high-priority actions for testing.

It's often the littlest changes that make the biggest difference.

Client Results


Project directorate savings


Reduction in labour hours


Improvement in lead time

"Working with MI-GSO | PCUBED has probably been the most powerful alliance we’ve had in a long time."
Andy Tyson

Our Approach

Our three-phased customer and employee focused approach is designed to deliver results – as early as possible
We quickly identify where you’re going and setup 30, 60, and 90-day reviews to report back on what has been achieved. 
Finally, we utilize key data to test and adjust where necessary – ensuring you’ll make an initial return on your investment.

Phase 1. Ideate
Phase 2. Innovate
Phase 3. Improve
Discover the critical to customer improvement opportunities and design the possible solutions
Develop solutions iteratively, test with users regularly and understand what delivers value
Deploy the prototype across the enterprise and empower the teams to continually evolve it

Accelerate your Journey

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Deliver benefits quicker.

Kanban dashboard sketch


Eliminate redundant and time consuming tasks.

Identify Cost-Saving Alternatives

Real solutions, that can actually be implemented.

Speed up
Process Lead Time

Free up bandwidth to focus on what matters.

Common Activities

Improve repeatability, improve predictability.

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