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The Portfolio Manager, a multi-faceted role, adds value primarily by improving the planning and delivery process, by collecting and maintaining data in a consistent form, critically  contributing to the enablement of informed decision-making up to Group Senior Management level (Director and above). This is achieved by leading the implementation – and continuous improvement of – guidelines, processes and templates, as well as practical, hands-on delivery support to GE&D as a whole. The ability to speak Mandarin is an advantage (not mandatory) in order to facilitate meetings.

Management Responsibilities

The role of the Portfolio Manager comprises four distinct but intrinsically intertwined dimensions, further detailed below. They are organised in the order of importance, for the scope and dimension of this role.

Portfolio - Operations Management

  • Facilitates the creation and update of programme and project plans as required by the Senior Portfolio Manager; identifies, tracks, and monitors cross-programme and /or -project dependencies
  • Implements agreed regular progress-reporting mechanisms
  • Facilitates the establishment of, and challenges to achieve quality management and maintenance of programme and project registers and records, particularly the Dependency, Risk, Assumption, Issue, and Lesson (DRAIL) Logs
  • Manages the quality review process for agreed key programmes and projects
  • Facilitates and coordinates key interactions and interfaces between GE&D such as Delivery and agreed key programmes and projects
  • Lead and/or support meetings with business units, ensuring minutes and actions are managed. Provide guidance on local delivery plans, risks and issues, making sure it aligns to the overall Technology strategy.

Portfolio - Information Management

  • In the key Information Management role, acts as custodian of all master copies of GE&D – Delivery assets. This role requires the incumbent to implement, manage and maintain appropriate filing and access management and control standards and means, including identification conventions, folder structure and hierarchy schemes
  • Manages and maintains the GE&D – Delivery collaboration space to be continuously fit-for-purpose and fit-for-use in accordance with the organisation’s Data Protection (DP) standards, requirements, and guidelines
  • Ensures correct implementation of processes and associated control mechanisms to handle the security and confidentiality of portfolio, programme, and project assets and products
  • Develops, implements, and manages a robust yet agile process – including supporting components such as a reporting calendar, templates, and guidelines – to sustain crucial management visibility of the portfolio, with particular focus on key programmes and projects as identified by the CTO Office
  • Leveraging the established process(es), ensures quality – defined as completeness, correctness, and timeliness – information is supplied to support key decision-making at all levels. This includes challenging the quality of data and /or information provided, as well as establishing and maintaining a base of trend data for GE&D – Delivery
  • Through an analytical lens, provides commentary on portfolio, programme, and project performance, triggering exceptions where required

Portfolio Governance

  • Champions and facilitates the application of good practices across the Portfolio, Programme, and Project Management spaces. This includes thorough comprehension of standards, adherence to processes, and adoption of templates, amongst others
  • Develops and facilitates internal mentoring /coaching programmes in the appropriate use of existing and /or new automation, including Portfolio, Programme, and Project Management tools
  • Liaises with automation and /or tool vendor(s) for training, issue resolution, and /or other requirements
  • Facilitates assessment, and /or audit exercises in support of Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement roles.

Programme and Project Operations Management

  • Creates – and where appropriate, obtains relevant approvals – and manages in accordance to change governance and products including but not limited to the under. Takes overall  responsibility for, and manages the successful delivery of products, undertaking corrective action(s) where and when required
  • Establishes the procedures relevant to programmes and projects – such as risk management, exception management, monitoring and control, configuration management, and others as required
  • Escalates deviations from agreed tolerances to the appropriate authority(ies) and recommend remedial action(s)
  • Authorises commencement of work – internally and externally – within agreed authority and tolerances
  • Performs the Team Manager and Support roles unless advised otherwise
  • Implements and /or ensures compliance to change management strategies as required for programmes and projects, including strategies for quality, configuration management, communication etc.

Programme and Project Communications Management

  • Creates and maintains the Project Stakeholder Management Strategy and Plan
  • Leads project communications with internal and external project stakeholders
  • Leads (and facilitates, where required) interactions with the Project Board and /or its members, as well as other key stakeholder groups as appropriate
  • Communicates the procedures relevant to the project – such as risk management, exception management, project monitoring and control, configuration management, and others – to project team and other interested stakeholder(s), e.g. vendors
  • Manages the information flows between the directing and delivering levels of the project.


Min Job Requirements:

  1. Education – Undergraduate qualification (in any field) essential, although postgraduate qualification(s) would be preferable.
  2. Experience – Between four to seven years of work experience at a minimum, with a minimum of two years in a business analysis role and two in a managerial role. For the latter, it could be in individual contributor role(s) at junior-to-middle management levels of the organisation with responsibility for portfolio, programme and /or project management. Experience in managing others would be preferable.
  3. Certifications/licenses – Portfolio, programme and /or project management certifications such as MoV®, MSP®, PRINCE2®, MoP®, AgilePM® are highly desirable, backed up by a track record of successful application of at least one of these. Other IT Management and technical certifications and /or licenses such as ITIL® V4, TOGAF® 9, Cloud Architect and Design etc. will be most valued.
  4. Special skills – Excellent communication and engagement skills, i.e. comfortable with a broad range of stakeholders at different levels of seniority, organisation skills, attention to detail, highly analytical, and able to deliver in full and on time (and deliver through others) under minimum supervision.

Reporting Structure

  1. This role is part of the Group Engineering and Delivery (Cloud & Infrastructure) vertical under Group IT Operations and is an Individual Contributor (IC).
  2. Reporting Structure: Contingent on the project’s organisation dimension
  3. Managerial Responsibilities: Individual Contributor (IC), 0-5 or more (an organisation with agility to meet business demands in an optimal manner)


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