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Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) is a new way to mobilize Project Leadership Services, driving cost efficiencies, increasing organizational capability, while improving your project, program and portfolio execution performance at pace. 

So if you are looking to… 

  • Reduce Procurement Complexity – manage resources through a single partner
  • Increase Delivery Confidence – while reducing the scale of contract project staffing
  • Improve project management capabilities
  • Reduce resourcing and onboarding time

… as a leading Project Management Service company, PMaaS is a core element of our business. It acts as an invaluable service that drives diverse, varied and team-based work, with consideration towards total resources, the volume and complexity of projects/ programs, quarterly performance and agreed outcomes.  

Key Components of PMaaS:

Resourcing – Balanced to meet Demand

  • Leveraged service – across small, medium, large complexity projects, for short or long durations, allows the most efficient use of resources 
  • Flexibly staff new initiatives with experienced project managers familiar with your business 
  • Rapid mobilisation, efficient ramp down – flip of a switch

Service Operations – Optimizing Service to meet Needs

  • Agreed book of work based off our service catalogue 
  • Fees based on service levels, Project and Complexity 
  • Ability to tailor service to current demands without procurement intervention 

Measured Outcomes – Continuous Evolution of the Service against Targets

  • Monitoring performance of Service against expectations, targeting key performance improvements
  • Identify – thinking big, Innovate – starting small, Improve – learning fast 

Quality and Performance

  • Experienced Team Leads managing the delivery team, accountable for delivery quality
  • Retention of team knowledge, sharing of lessons learned to improve outcomes

Key Benefits:

Higher Productivity

Higher productivity

Embed Team with Leadership

Embedded teams with expert leadership

Rapid Mobilization

Rapid mobilization and absorption of peak workload 

Effective Interdependency Mgmt

Effective interdependency management 


MI-GSO | PCUBED has more than 25 years’ experience in Project Management Consulting. Learn more about how we can help with PMaaS.